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Five questions to ask yourself for a peaceful retirement in 2024

If you're already retired or about to retire, you're probably wondering how to stay financially comfortable without receiving a paycheck anymore.
To help you retire peacefully, try asking yourself these questions: What are your retirement goals? How much will your pension cost? How will you finance it? How can you generate income in retirement? An important decision to make for a peaceful retirement is determining how much money you will need.
To find out, the first thing to do is set the objectives you want to achieve which we can summarize as follows: Don't want to dry up your assets? Do you want to maintain your standard of living or improve it? Do you intend to make a bequest? Answering questions like these will give you a better understanding of how much you will need for retirement and how much you want to leave to your family or a charity.
Get the information To get a clearer idea of how much money you will need for retirement, you need to evaluate how long your assets will have to last, i.e.
what your investment horizon is, and how much it will have to grow to cope with inflation.
If you're not aware of the latest data, you'll be surprised to know that retirees are living longer every year.
A 65-year-old today could live for another 20 years, and many will live even longer! So you should plan to maintain an income for at least another two decades.
Average Life Expectancy* *This example is based on an annual inflation rate of 3% and is for illustrative purposes only.
Furthermore, living longer means that inflation can have an even greater impact.
Let's assume that inflation rises by an average of 3% per year.
If at 65 you need €50,000 a year, by the time you are 85 you may need €90,000 to maintain the same standard of living; and that's just to keep up with inflation!* Planning today for a long life is crucial to ensuring your assets last throughout your retirement.
Click here to receive the information Once you have set your objectives and time horizon, you need to analyze your expenses.
A simple way to do this is to divide them into "non-discretionary", i.e.
those you need to live, such as food or savings, and "discretionary", i.e.
extra expenses that you choose to take on at your discretion.
This creates a baseline budget you can draw on to maintain your lifestyle and helps you evaluate how much to spend on extra expenses like travel and luxury goods.
Deciding which investments and income streams are right for you depends on your goals, your time horizon and your cash needs.
Your portfolio can also become an excellent source of income.
Some investments, such as fixed income investments, for example, can offer a regular income.
You could also generate income by investing in stocks and selling them following a market strategy.
Keeping your finances in order is essential to allowing you to have a peaceful retirement and creating income streams can help maintain your standard of living.
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