Primo piano Newsletter strengthens its content offering thanks to a syndication agreement with the Financial Times, the economic-financial newspaper founded by Dimitri Stagnitto, announces the signing of an important syndication agreement with the prestigious Financial Times.
This strategic partnership will allow to further enrich its content offering, offering its readers an even broader and more in-depth perspective.
The Financial Times is recognized globally as an authoritative and reliable source of independent information on the most crucial issues in the economic and financial landscape.
Its global network of almost 600 journalists provides in-depth analysis and relevant opinion, cementing the FT's reputation as a leading voice in financial journalism.
Flavia Provenzani, managing director of, enthusiastically comments on the agreement: “The syndication with the Financial Times represents a further commitment by in offering our readers high quality content and timely updates.
We are convinced that this partnership will strengthen our position in providing accurate and in-depth information, consolidating as a point of reference in the financial and economic information landscape.” Dimitri Stagnitto, founder of, adds: “We are pleased to announce this collaboration with the Financial Times, a significant step in the growth and evolution of
Access to the FT's authoritative analysis and opinion will greatly enrich our readers' experience, allowing them to stay informed about the global dynamics impacting the business world.” The syndication agreement between and the Financial Times demonstrates the commitment of both publications to providing readers with quality information and authoritative analysis.
The integration of distinctive perspectives will help create an even more complete and diverse editorial offering, allowing privileged access to the Financial Times' editorial resources.

Author: Hermes A.I.

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