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Political polls, Pd and Salvini crash: M5s and Forza Italia leap, Renzi ok

The latest political poll by Euromedia Research, carried out on 25 November for the Giornale Radio, can be defined as horror for Elly Schlein who appears to be decreasing in terms of trust towards leaders and, at the same time, would see a decrease in the intentions of I vote for the Democratic Party, confirming a period of crisis for the Dems.
According to the survey, Giorgia Meloni would be stable in her trust towards the leaders while the Brothers of Italy are indicated in decline: given the collapse of the Democratic Party, the gap would now be over ten percentage points, with the prime minister who if this were the case would be full of seats in the European elections in June.
Within the government majority, Giorgia Meloni's decline would be on par with that of Matteo Salvini, with the League increasingly further away from double figures despite the minister's activism.
If we think that in the 2019 European elections the League received 34% of the votes, the involution of the Northern League and Salvini's personal one appears evident.
The survey, on the other hand, would seem to smile at a Forza Italia which is growing and apparently capable of moving forward even without its leader and founder Silvio Berlusconi.
Political polls: ok M5s and Renzi The latest political poll by Euromedia Research indicates a clear growth in the 5 Star Movement which is now closer to the Democratic Party; in view of the 2024 round of regional and administrative elections, however, the Giallorossi will present themselves almost everywhere together.
A new center-left front that closely resembles that "wide field" envisaged at the time by Enrico Letta and which would also include the Green-Left Alliance, with the tandem, however, indicated to be declining and currently below the European threshold of 4%.
Even if attested with the negative sign in the poll, Carlo Calenda – another hypothetical member of the Lattian broad camp – would be just over the fateful bar, with Action which could solve any problem of the barrier threshold in the event of an alliance with +Europa in the European elections .
However, the one who will present himself essentially alone in June – with the exception of Clemente Mastella – is Matteo Renzi: the former prime minister is slowly moving towards 4% so much so that Italia Viva would be one of the parties in better shape according to the survey.

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