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Revenue Agency Competition 2023: how to practice for free on the Worky app – Competitions and Work

In recent months, the Revenue Agency has published a new competition notice aimed at the permanent recruitment of 4,500 officials divided as follows: 3,970 tax officials and 530 officials for real estate advertising services.
This is a competition that involves taking a single written test consisting of the resolution of a series of multiple choice questions aimed at ascertaining the candidates' knowledge of specific subjects for the individual profile.
How to prepare for the 2023 Revenue Agency competition The tests and the calendar How to prepare for the Revenue Agency competition Simulator guide The tests and the calendar The Revenue Agency has already released the calendar of the tests which will take place starting from the 20th November 2023 for both profiles.
As regards the profile of tax official, the subjects covered by the test will be the following: Tax law and elements of tax theory; civil and commercial law; administrative law; business accounting; elements of criminal law, with particular reference to crimes against public administration and tax crimes; informatics; English.
To pass the test it will be necessary to obtain a score of at least 21 points out of 30.
How to prepare for the Revenue Agency competition.
On the 'Worky – Concorsi e Lavoro' App, simulations of the competition are made available, completely free of charge, for concerns the Tax Officials profile of the competition in question announced by the Revenue Agency.
In particular, it is a totally free app that can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices which allows users to practice the competition subjects comfortably from their smartphone.
With a simple and intuitive interface, the app allows you to answer a vast database of questions to prepare for public competitions.
On the occasion of the competition tests, the staff of Concorsi-publici and Worky made the subjects available for practice on the Worky app completely free of charge (To download the Android app from the Play Store, click here; To download the app from the Apple Store, click here.).
Simulator guide Once you have downloaded the app from your smartphone's store, you will find it among the installed apps with this icon: Once opened, the main screen will appear (see image below).
There are six buttons.
The first two are those most closely linked to the simulator: competitions and subjects.
It is therefore possible to choose to practice either on a general competition or on a specific exam subject.
On Create Ad and on Job Opportunities you can publish an advert or search for an opportunity among those offered via the app.
Finally, from Market we can find any educational materials made available and on News we find all the latest news regarding both public and private work.
To be able to practice on the competition simulator for the Revenue Agency, you will therefore need to click on "Competitions" and the following page will appear from which we can use the search engine above by typing the keywords "Revenue Agency": Once you have typed the keywords "Revenue Agency" and clicked on the result, after a short wait while the app downloads the database of questions, the main screen of the competition will appear.
For more information on the simulator for the Revenue Agency competition, click here.
At this point, simply click on "Start Quiz" to start practicing on all the subjects covered by this profile.
As can be seen from the photo above, the “Worky – Competitions and Work” app also offers the possibility of selecting only certain groups of subjects or questions and therefore being able to work, for example, on incorrect answers given on previous occasions: in this way, you will be able to review and improve each time you use the app and each time you repeat a quiz.
For any doubts about the app and its functions, you can send an email to

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