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School Calendar 2024-2025: Plan Your Holidays in Advance

Planning a vacation or a short break during the school year is easier when you have the official school calendar at hand.
In Italy, each region sets its own schedule based on national guidelines.
It is important to note that every school year must include at least 200 days of classes.

Holidays and Breaks

During the 2024-2025 school year, some holidays will offer students a short school week.
For example, All Saints’ Day falls on a Friday, providing a long weekend.
However, the Immaculate Conception holiday on December 8th, which marks the start of the Christmas season, falls on a Sunday.

Christmas will be on a Wednesday, with the school year expected to end on Friday, December 20th, and students returning in early January.
Easter falls on April 20th, with Easter Monday on April 21st, followed by a long weekend ending with Labor Day, celebrated on May 1st.

Throughout the year, there will be additional breaks, such as Carnival holidays, regional festivities, and the Republic Day celebration on June 2nd.

Regional School Calendars

Each region in Italy has its own calendar for the 2024-2025 school year, tailored to local needs.
While most regions start classes around September 16th and finish by June 7th, some regions have specific variations.

For example, Valle d’Aosta starts on September 11th and ends on June 10th, with various breaks in between.
Other regions, like Lombardy, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Calabria, follow similar patterns with slight variations in start and end dates.

It’s essential to stay updated on each region’s specific calendar, especially for families planning trips or activities during the school year.

Remember, the school calendar is subject to changes and adaptations, so it’s always advisable to double-check dates with local authorities and schools.

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