Italian Budget Law 2024

Budget Law 2024, the silent changes: pensions and bonuses, here's the news

What happened to the 2024 budget law? Usually this is the period where the political debate is entirely focused on the discussion of the economic maneuver, with the inevitable "assault on diligence" by parliamentarians to extract tips and bribes.
Giorgia Meloni, however, was clear right from the start: the 2024 budget law is armored, with the majority thus giving up on presenting amendments – especially those that provide for financial coverage – while those put forward by the opposition are destined to be thrown away.
Emblematic was the case of the Northern League member Massimiliano Romeo who is not one of the many peons who live in Parliament, but the leader of the Carroccio group in the Chamber: about ten days ago he presented some amendments, only to withdraw them after a scolding from Matteo Salvini given the irritation of the prime minister.
“The mistake is mine – Romeo justified himself -, I understood that two or three symbolic amendments could be presented and I was convinced that the other majority group leaders would have done so too”.
The strategy of "zero amendments" to the 2024 budget law would be motivated by a dual purpose: to avoid further burdening the final bill given that there is no other money in the coffers and, with an eye firmly fixed on the European elections in June, to speak on less possible than an undoubtedly disappointing maneuver given the bombastic promises made during the electoral campaign.
In substantial silence, however, some changes to the Budget law would have been introduced regarding the always delicate issue of pensions, while in the Advances decree various measures have found space such as the tax discount on aesthetic touch-ups, the increase in the allocation of the psychologist bonus and the introduction of the code for B&Bs.
read also Budget Law 2024, the (almost) definitive text with all the new features Bonuses and pensions: the changes to the Budget Law 2024 Having arrived in December, the actual examination of the Budget Law 2024 has yet to begin: given the fate that it is up to the various amendments, there should be no problems in definitively approving the text by the end of the year as scheduled.
In recent days, hearings of trade unions and trade associations have taken place and, on these occasions, the government is said to be open to a change on the issue of pensions.
According to what Tomorrow reports in the maneuver "there will be no reductions in the social security allowance for the categories of public employees, including doctors, nurses and teachers, contrary to what is foreseen", furthermore "workers who retire will then be excluded from the penalization of old age (at 67 years) from 2024”.
Many other innovations, however, have been included in the Advances decree which, yesterday 30 November, arrived in Parliament and on 6 December should make its debut in the Senate according to what was reported by the minister Luca Ciriani.
One of the most awaited amendments is the one relating to the Cin – National Identification Code – on short-term rentals, strongly supported by Forza Italia, which will have to be displayed by B&Bs under penalty of a fine of up to 8,000 euros, all to combat illegal construction.
The green light is also given to the elimination of VAT on cosmetic surgery operations carried out to treat diseases or to protect health; always remaining on the subject of VAT, for all food supplements it will be 10%.
For the psychologist bonus, however, there is an additional allocation of 5 million, with the maximum amount for those with an ISEE of less than 50,000 euros going from 600 to 1,500 euros.
Smart working for fragile workers and parents of children under 14 will instead be extended until June 2024.
All these adjustments to the 2024 budget law which will largely be included in the advances decree, with the government appearing to want to keep the lights on regardless turned off on the maneuver to arrive without major commotion at the approval of a text that fails to meet the expectations of those who hoped for an immediate tax or pension reform

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