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Who is Matteo Falcinelli and Why Was He Arrested in Miami?

Matteo Falcinelli: The Italian Student Arrested in Miami

Matteo Falcinelli, the Italian student who was arrested in Miami this winter in a rather brutal manner, is at the center of a controversy that has raised accusations of torture against the US police officers.
The incident has garnered public attention through numerous videos and photos, as well as the efforts of the young man’s family and legal team.

Who is Matteo Falcinelli?

Matteo Falcinelli was born in Spoleto on September 4, 1998.
In addition to his Italian citizenship, he also holds Slovak citizenship through his mother, Vlasta.
He has a brother, Marco, who is currently in Miami to provide support during this delicate situation.

Matteo is in the United States on a sports scholarship he won with College Life, showcasing his talent in football.
His passion for the sport led him away from studying Economics at the University of Perugia, where he enrolled in 2017 after graduating from the Volta high school in Spoleto.

Prior to moving overseas, Matteo played as a midfielder for local football teams (Voluntas and Foligno), winning awards as the best player and top scorer in the youth camps of Juventus and Real Madrid, respectively.

Continuing his sports career, Matteo graduated in Business Administration from Wesleyan College in North Carolina.
Despite a car accident that disrupted his studies, he moved to Florida to pursue a master’s degree in Hospitality and Real Estate Management, which he has not been able to complete due to unforeseen circumstances.

What Happened to Matteo Falcinelli and Why Was He Arrested in Miami?

The exact reasons for Matteo Falcinelli’s arrest in Miami remain unclear, as statements from involved parties cannot be confirmed until Italian authorities conclude their investigations.
Officially, Matteo was arrested on charges of resisting a public officer, trespassing, and resisting arrest.

Following legal proceedings, Matteo was admitted to a Pretrial Intervention program, an alternative to detention for first-time non-violent offenders.
The young student accepted this rehabilitative program, leading to the dismissal of all charges.
He is currently going through the program and is expected to be free soon.

According to the family’s account reported in La Nazione, the events leading to Matteo’s arrest unfolded when he was aggressively detained by the police outside a bar while trying to retrieve two cell phones confiscated inside the establishment.
The police report suggests he was disturbing other patrons and resisted arrest when asked to leave.

Despite the accusations, videos and photos of the incident suggest a different narrative.
The family claims Matteo’s actions were a response to the need to retrieve his belongings and defend himself from what he perceived as unjust actions.

Was Matteo Falcinelli Tortured?

On February 27, Matteo Falcinelli was released on bail, following which he received medical treatment for psychiatric distress and panic attacks due to the stressful experience.
Videos of the arrest reveal aggressive police tactics, including kneeling on Matteo’s neck, rekindling memories of similar incidents.

Matteo was handcuffed and immobilized for 13 minutes, a practice deemed cruel and torturous by legal experts.
He suffered both physical and psychological damage, prompting legal action and calls for intervention from Italian authorities.

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