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Fiorenza Rancilio, who was the woman found dead and what we know about the family

Murder in the center of Milan, where a 73-year-old woman was found lifeless this morning in an attic on the ninth floor in via Crocefisso.
This is Fiorenza Rancilio, belonging to a well-known family of entrepreneurs.
According to initial reconstructions, the woman had a deep wound on her head.
The discovery was made by the maid who was unable to enter the house this morning because the door was locked.
So she went down to the offices of the family real estate company explaining that she couldn't get into the house.
From there the alarm went off.
The door was locked from the inside and once inside there was the macabre discovery.
The body of Fiorenza Rancilio was lying in the dining room and her 35-year-old son was sitting next to her in a clear state of shock.
Apparently he had taken psychotropic drugs in the previous hours.
He is being investigated for murder.
Who was Fiorenza Rancilio The victim, 73 years old, with a degree in law, was the president of the Augusto Rancilio Foundation, a non-profit cultural body for the support of training, study and research created in honor of her brother kidnapped in 1978 and never found again.
Sources from the foundation have reported that to date the presidency of the same is assumed by the other brother Cesare.
“We have nothing to say about what happened,” the foundation said.
The foundation is based in Villa Arconati, one of the most majestic residences in the Milanese hinterland, built in 1600 in Bollate.
In addition to the foundation's activity, Fiorenza was heir to the real estate dynasty created by her father Gervaso, an Italian-French entrepreneur.
However, there is no connection with the Rancilio family which produces coffee machines in Milan.
In the building where he lived and where he lost his life there are also the offices of the Palladium group and Omnium real estate companies, companies that have around fifty employees and with which the enormous real estate assets are managed.
Fiorenza sat on the Palladium board of directors together with her brother Cesare.
A Real Estate company active in the development and promotion of real estate investments.
The tragic story of his brother Augusto Augusto Rancilio, architect, was 26 years old when on 2 October 1978 he was kidnapped in Cesano Boscone while he was entering a construction site.
It was just after 7 in the morning.
The Peugeot 604 in which he was traveling with his father was surrounded by four armed and hooded men who took the boy away.
That was the last time the young man was seen as his body was never found.
The contours of the kidnapping, by a group of Calabrians from Buccinasco, were explained by Saverio Morabito himself.
The young man was first taken to a garage in Buccinasco and then transferred to a farmhouse between Nerviano and San Giorgio sul Legnano.
After a few days he was transferred to Calabria where he was killed by his captors in an escape attempt.
The father, a real estate developer who had built many neighborhoods in Italy, made it clear that he would not be able to pay any ransom for the debts with the banks.

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