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“How to Save up to €13,750 for Buying a New Car”

Get up to €13,750 off for a brand-new car thanks to the 2024 auto incentives

The 2024 auto incentives bring about substantial contributions, increased for those with an ISEE up to €30,000.
The publication of the dpcm that reorganizes eco-bonuses for the purchase of low-polluting vehicles and unlocks €1 billion for 2024; the resources are made available to encourage the purchase of electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

The major novelty is that the maximum contribution available has increased from €5,000 to €13,750.

Ecoincentives: applications are open

Applications are now open to request ecoincentives, which can be submitted on the new Ecobonus platform for booking incentives for the purchase of low-emission vehicles.
The platform will be active starting from 10:00 am on June 3, 2024, on the website managed by Invitalia on behalf of Mimit.
The site will also provide the forms to request the contribution for vehicle purchase and the tables with the criteria according to which the contributions are recognized.

It is worth noting that the incentives will be granted up to the limit of the resources made available (€1 billion).

What is the 2024 car incentive with scrappage?

The highest incentive is provided for electric cars in the 0-20 grams of CO2 range provided that a vehicle up to €2 is scrapped, amounting to €11,000.
The bonus is even higher for those with an ISEE up to €30,000 (25% increase): in this case, the car price is reduced by an amount up to €13,750.

The highest benefit is intended for those scrapping the most polluting cars and decreases for those who scrap less polluting ones (from €3 onwards).

If a Euro 3 car is scrapped, the price reduction amounts to €12,500 with an ISEE up to €30,000, or alternatively, €10,000.
If a Euro 4 car is scrapped, the incentive ranges from €9,000 to €11,250.

2024 Car Bonus without scrappage

Ecoincentives are also provided if an electric or plug-in hybrid car is purchased without scrapping an old one.
In this case, however, the contribution is lower.

Without scrappage for vehicles in the CO2 emission range between 0 and 20 g/km, a contribution of €6,000 is granted, which becomes €7,500 for those with an ISEE up to €30,000.
For the emission range 21-60 g/km, the contribution decreases to €4,000.

It is worth mentioning that a small contribution is also provided for those buying a used Euro 6 vehicle by scrapping a Euro 4 one: in this case, the incentive amounts to €2,000.

Installation of LPG or CNG systems

The dpcm also introduces a contribution for those installing a new LPG or CNG system on vehicles not lower than Euro 4:
the benefit is €400 for LPG systems; the benefit is €800 for CNG systems.

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