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Russia vs NATO: Comparing Military Forces, the Nuclear Question

War between Russia and NATO: Who would win?

The risk of an escalation in Ukraine is becoming increasingly probable due to recent developments within the NATO alliance regarding the use of Western weapons by Kiev.
Jens Stoltenberg, Josep Borrell, and Emmanuel Macron have all supported the idea of allowing Ukraine to strike Russian territory, despite strong opposition from some NATO members.

Italy finds itself in a delicate position, with Giorgia Meloni downplaying the risks of escalation while Matteo Salvini staunchly opposes the idea of being on the brink of a third world war.

While the United States remains relatively quiet, it is unlikely that the NATO Secretary-General would make such statements without approval from Washington.
Meanwhile, Russia continues its advance, laying siege to Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city.

The Military Balance

In a potential conflict between NATO and Russia, the numbers are significant.
NATO boasts a personnel of 5,405,700, 14,682 tanks, 20,723 aircraft, and 2,049 naval vessels.
In comparison, Russia counts on 1,350,000 personnel, 12,420 tanks, 4,173 aircraft, and 605 naval vessels.

While NATO’s numerical superiority is evident, Russia’s experience from over two years of war should not be underestimated.
The Western chain of command and supply, despite recent exercises, remains untested.

The Nuclear Factor

Russia possesses the largest atomic arsenal globally, including hypersonic missiles capable of striking major Western cities.
NATO, however, also maintains various atomic weapons aimed at Moscow, setting the stage for a potentially catastrophic scenario.

In the event of a conflict, not all NATO members may be willing to participate.
Additionally, the outcome could be influenced by the political landscape, with a potential victory by Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential elections possibly altering the United States’ involvement.

Challenges for Italy

Italy’s stance remains somewhat ambiguous, with Matteo Salvini opposing the deployment of Italian troops to Ukraine, while Giorgia Meloni’s position is less definitive.
Italy’s response may ultimately hinge on requests from the United States.

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