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What happened to Veronica Panarello, where she is today and when she leaves prison

Veronica Panarello is in prison, where she is serving the sentence for the murder and concealment of the body of her son Lorys Stival, the 8-year-old boy killed on 29 November 2014 in Santa Croce Camerina, in the Ragusa area.
The crime that shocked all of Italy remains today with unresolved questions.
Even though Panarello finally admitted his guilt, he continued to provide different versions of what happened on November 29, 2014.
It therefore seems that the motive for the murder can only be relied on by experts' reconstructions.
The facts will also be reconstructed by a true crime documentary which will be broadcast this evening at 9.20pm, 2 November 2023, on Rai 2, for the second episode of Crimes in the Family.
But what happened to Panarello and how long until he will be released from prison? Before immersing ourselves in documentary reconstructions, it is appropriate to resolve these pressing doubts.
Below is everything you need to know about Panarello, what happened on the day of the murder and what he does today.
read also Elisa Claps, what happened to her: the story of how she died and why she was killed Veronica Panarello, from the murder of little Lorys to the conviction It is 1pm on 29 November 2014 when at the Carabinieri station of Santa Croce Camerina, Veronica Panarello, 26 years old, born on 1 November 1988, introduces herself to report the disappearance of her son Lorys Stival, 8 years old.
From the outset the statements seem ambiguous.
The woman claims to have accompanied her son to school, but the teachers understand that Lorys never showed up.
The search was started immediately, and after a few hours the report arrived from Orazio Fidone, a retired resident who reported having found the child's body on the extreme outskirts of Santa Croce Camerina, in a gully.
The autopsy then revealed that the child died between 8.30 and 10.00 in the morning due to strangulation caused by some plastic ties.
Panarello claims to have given Lorys those bands to carry out a school activity, but the teachers deny it.
After having examined various hypotheses, the investigations focus exclusively on the mother, who, after an interrogation, is arrested on charges of murder and concealment of a corpse.
For almost a year the mother declared herself innocent, and only after ten months did she begin to make conflicting statements.
The latest comes in 2016, when Veronica Panarello declares that it was her paternal grandfather Andrea Stival who killed Lorys, with whom the woman allegedly began a relationship, which was later discovered by her son Lorys.
According to this version, the grandfather would have killed him by strangling him with an electric cable and the mother would have tightened the cable ties.
Andrea Stival has denied all the accusations.
For this Panarello was also sentenced to another two years of imprisonment for defamation.
The Court of Cassation confirmed the 30-year prison sentence on 2 November 2019.
According to reconstructions, the woman, in the throes of a fit, killed the child, who didn't want to go to school that day, messing up the mother's plans.
read also What happened to Danilo Restivo, what he does today, where he is and when he leaves prison What happened to Veronica Panarello, where he is today Veronica Panarello is 35 years old today and is in Turin prison, where for 9 years old she finds herself serving the sentence for the murder of little Lorys and is studying to become a social worker.
Panarello has now been in prison since December 21, 2014 when she was arrested about a month after the child was found.
She was sentenced to thirty years in prison.
A sentence issued in the first instance with an abbreviated procedure and confirmed in all three levels of judgment and by the Court of Cassation on 2 November 2019.
To date, relations with her ex-husband Davide Stival are practically interrupted, as made official by the divorce, and especially in light of the fact that Panarello has lost parental rights over his minor son.
Lorys' younger brother, Diego Stival, was in fact entrusted exclusively to his father Davide Stival, with a final sentence in 2020, making the father breathe a sigh of relief, who declared that his only priority is the serenity of his son who he is growing up without his older brother.
What happened to Veronica Panarello: when Panarello was released from prison, as anticipated, she obtained a thirty-year prison sentence for the murder and hiding of the body of her son Lorys.
To date, Panarello has undertaken a course of study to become a social worker.
Having already served 9 years, he should be released in 21 years, his hope is that one day, having served a large part of the sentence and deducting the other remaining years for good behavior as required by law, he will be able to return to having an independent professional life.
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