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Mario Vanacore, who he is, what work he does and why he is suspected of the crime in Via Poma

Mario Vanacore would have been the murderer in Via Poma, who on 7 August 1990 killed Simonetta Cesaroni with 29 stab wounds.
It was written in black and white by the Carabinieri of Piazzale Clodio, who have been investigating the murder for the last two years.
One of the most famous cold cases in Italy is therefore reopened – known for its brutality – of which the culprit was never known.
According to the findings of an investigation into the Via Poma crime, launched around 2021 at the request of the lawyers of the Cesaroni family, it was Mario Vanacore, son of the doorman Pietrino Vanacore – who was also under investigation – of the building in the Prati district who killed Simonetta in Rome, where the twenty-year-old worked as a secretary in the offices of youth hostels.
Yet the reconstruction does not convince the prosecutor who requested the dismissal.
It is appropriate to shed light on the investigations: here is who Mario Vanacore is and why he was suspected.
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Mario Vanacore, an entrepreneur born in 1977, was resident in Turin at the time of the crime, but on 7 August 1990 he was in the capital, with his wife and two-year-old daughter, to visit his father and stepmother Giuseppa de Luca .
It would have been Mario Vanacore with Simonetta Cesaroni's sister, Paola, her boyfriend Antonello Barone, Simonetta's employer, Salvatore Volponi and his son, who found Simonetta's body.
But what immediately attracted the attention of the Carabinieri were the attitudes of Giuseppa and Pietro Vanacore, the first suspect who was then arrested and released.
The absence during the presumed time of the crime would have weighed on Mario Vanacore's father; the purchase of a grinder and a bloodstain, only to later discover that the traces of blood were from Vanacore himself.
Pietro committed suicide in 2010, before testifying in the Cesaroni trial against the victim's then boyfriend, Raniero Busco, leaving a message: "20 years of suffering and suspicion lead you to suicide".
Still saddened by the loss of his father, Mario Vanacore still lives in Turin, where he owns a company, is married and has a daughter.
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According to the latest lead, it would be Mario Vanacore who killed Simonetta Cesaroni.
According to the Carabinieri's hypothesis, Mario Vanacore would have gone to the hostel offices, using his parents' keys, "to make free long-distance telephone calls to Turin".
Once in the offices in via Poma, he would have surprised Simonetta Cesaroni alone on the afternoon of 7 August 1990.
Finding himself in front of the girl, Mario Vanacore would have attempted a sexual approach, upon refusal he would have dragged her, "probably under threat", into the director – where her body was found – attempting to sexually assault her.
A scuffle would then have arisen, while Simonetta hit and injured Vanacore with the alleged murder weapon, Vanacore himself would have reacted by "delivering a violent blow to her face", stunning her.
At this point Vanacore would have grabbed the murder weapon and, straddling the girl, would have hit her twenty-nine times.
During his escape, Mario Vanacore left traces of blood on the telephone and on a handle and his telephone book which was later found by the police.
At this point, according to the Carabinieri dossier, Pietrino and Giuseppa intervened, covering for their son and misleading the investigation.
Simonetta Cesaroni murder: the Carabinieri's theory does not convince the prosecutor.
The reconstruction of the dynamics of the murder, however, did not convince the prosecutor Gianfederica Dito.
In fact, already on 13 December 2023 the magistrates of the Rome prosecutor's office would have requested the dismissal of the investigation into the crime in Via Poma opened two years ago following a complaint from the victim's family.
The reconstruction, in fact, was evaluated by Dito, who asked for it to be archived, as based on a series of hypotheses and suggestions, in the "absence of concrete elements of at least a circumstantial nature", not allowing the strong doubts about the real foundation to be overcome.
of the hypothetical picture outlined.
In short, we find ourselves once again faced with an accusation without evidence, after those made against Pietro Vanacore, Simonetta's employer, Salvatore Volponi, the nephew of a condominium owner in the building, Federico Valle, and the boyfriend of the 20 year old, Raniero Busco.
Meanwhile, Mario Vanacore, speaking about himself in an interview in La Stampa, declared that he will proceed through legal action for the crime of slander and defamation, recalling how this crime affected and overturned the life of the Cesaroni family, his and that of the other people investigated and acquitted : “Our life is marked.
We live with this sword of Damocles over our heads.
On March 9, 2010 my father committed suicide." And he also remembered certain inconsistencies such as his father's telephone book, handed over to the Cesaroni family and never found again.
And while one of the most famous crime cases remains open, it is appropriate to remember the words of Luciano Garofano, former commander of the Ris, scientific investment department of the Carabinieri: the perfect crime never exists, but unfortunately there are imperfect investigations, like those of the murder in via Poma.
It is impossible to ignore the loss and the pressure of the media and public opinion who pushed for the case to be resolved quickly, making mistakes, setting up media trials, even before having the evidence.
Perhaps with today's technologies the case would have been solved sooner, as suggested by some investigators who have recently worked on the case, remembering that the identity of the murderer can only be reached with concrete evidence and not hypotheses and reconstructions.
What is certain today is only one thing: Simonetta Cesaroni's killer is still unpunished.
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