How much does Antonio Conte earn? Salary and investments of the former Juve and Inter coach

How much does Antonio Conte earn? This is always a very topical question given that we are talking about one of the most esteemed coaches on the international football scene, so much so that he has recently been linked to several prestigious benches such as that of Napoli.
Conte hasn't coached for almost a year given the early end of his adventure with Tottenham, with the Salento coach unable to repeat the successes achieved across the Channel with Chelsea where he won a Premier League title with Spurs.
The one with Tottenham can be said to have been the only coaching flop in Conte's career so far, given the Scudetti won with Juventus and Inter as well as the good experience as Italy coach: at the 2016 European Championships, after eliminating Spain and the Azzurri only surrendered to Germany on penalties.
Let's take a look at the career of Antonio Conte, also taking a look at the earnings and salaries received given that recently the coach has also come into the limelight for some investments that would have turned out to be less than prudent.
read also Serie A coaches' salaries: Allegri and Mou the highest paid, Inzaghi on the podium Antonio Conte's career As a player, Antonio Conte was a very combative midfielder who, after his debut with the Lecce shirt, his hometown team, built his career entirely at Juventus, where in 13 years he won practically everything: 5 championships, 1 Champions League and 1 UEFA Cup.
As a coach he then cut his teeth in Tuscany, Siena and Arezzo, then managing to bring Bari back to Serie A before landing, without much luck, on the Atalanta bench before returning to Siena.
When Juventus called him in the summer of 2011, Conte immediately managed to bring the scudetto back to Turin, winning three in a row, but breaking with the Bianconeri with his famous outburst "with 10 euros you can't eat at a 100 euro restaurant", given the team's difficulties in establishing itself in Europe too.
Despite his involvement in the Calcioscommesse scandal, Antonio Conte was called to lead the national team, leading the Azzurri to Euro 2016, with Italy going out in the quarter-finals against Germany after the unfortunate penalty shoot-out sequence.
In July 2016 there was then a move to Chelsea with the immediate victory of the Premier League.
The following season, however, was not as fortunate for the Lecce coach, with his dismissal arriving during the summer.
After a welter of rumors that followed one another for months, in June 2019 Inter made official the dismissal of Luciano Spalletti and the arrival of Antonio Conte.
A relationship with the Milanese that lasted two years and was enhanced by the victory of the Scudetto.
However, the coach remained very little: on 2 November 2021 he was announced as the new manager of Tottenham, thus taking the place of the sacked Nuno Espirito Santo.
However, the adventure with the Spurs lasted until February 2023 when the contract between the club and the coach was terminated.
In past years, Conte has also been talked about due to rumors that the coach was the victim of a scam in London, with an investment company owing him a whopping 30.6 million.
read also How Conte was defrauded by Kidman, the 1 pound fund Antonio Conte's salary in his career as a coach was able to win both in Italy and in England, managing over time to secure ever larger contracts until he entered the Olympus of the highest paid misters.
When the Salento coach parted ways with Juventus he received a salary of 3 million per season.
In his transition to lead the national team, his annual salary rose to 4.6 million, however partly paid by sponsors.
Arriving in rich Chelsea, his first contract included a salary of 7.7 million.
After the success in the Premier League at the first attempt, the Londoners extended his contract until 2021, increasing his salary to 10.8 million per season.
After the dismissal, there was a dispute between the Blues and the manager regarding the severance pay.
The agreement signed with Inter is based on a three-year contract with a salary of 10 million net in the first year plus 2 million in bonuses.
In the second and third year, however, it will rise to 12 million net plus bonuses.
Thanks to a rule in the Growth Decree, which requires anyone who hires a worker who has been abroad in the last two years to pay 30% taxes instead of 43%, it was thought that the costs could be softened.
According to the Gazzetta, however, Inter was unable to benefit from this legislation, so much so that the net salary of Conte and his staff would amount to 13.5 million per season.
The farewell to Inter agreed a year in advance should guarantee the coach a severance package of 7.5 million, with the club having inserted a clause that would prevent the coach from coaching in Italy next season.
In the end, however, Antonio Conte decided to return to the Premier League, signing a contract with Tottenham until 2023 with the option for an extension.
However, the salary figures are still not well known: across the Channel there has been talk of an agreement worth 15 million pounds gross per season, but according to the Daily Telegraph the figure would have been 20 million pounds per year.

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