Diritti dei minori

How to make money as a teenager

Adolescence is one of the most beautiful phases of our life.
A phase where our body and our way of life change and we go from being children to becoming adults.
The teenage years should be the carefree ones where the only goal should be to alternate school with leisure.
But from 14 to 18 you have the right maturity to dedicate part of your free time to work.
There are various reasons that can push a teenager to work.
From simply putting money aside for the future to taking a few whims without weighing excessively on your parents' pockets.
Working during adolescence is possible but you must respect what the law says.
Child labor in Italy is governed by a series of rules, some of which are also included in the Constitution.
Then there are various European directives that regulate work before the age of 18.
There are several tasks that a teenager can do to earn some money.
Here are some suggestions.
Rules for child labor Italian and European law provides special protections for child labor.
The first protection concerns the minimum age requirement to be respected which is set at 15 years.
Before this date, a minor can only carry out sporting, artistic, cultural and advertising work with a contract that requires the signature of the parents and the authorization of the Provincial Labor Directorate.
At the age of 15 and up to the age of 18, minors can work but must respect some rules.
First of all, the law provides that minors: must not be exposed to excessive noise (over 87 decibels); must not come into contact with corrosive, explosive, toxic, carcinogenic or harmful substances; they cannot work in butchers' shops and in places where sharp tools and cold storage rooms are used; they cannot carry out work that involves the use of pneumatic hammers, vibrating tools, mechanical lifting devices and nail fixing guns; you cannot be hired on a construction site.
There are also time limitations.
Minors cannot work between 11pm and 7am or between 10pm and 6am.
You cannot then work for more than 8 hours a day or more than 40 hours a week.
Best job opportunities for minors There are many job opportunities that a minor can take advantage of to earn some money.
At the same time there are also several young people who decide to interrupt their studies at the age of 16 to look for a full-fledged job.
Here is a list of the best job opportunities for minors: babysitting or dogsitting: perhaps the two most sought-after jobs by young teenagers.
Caring for a child or dog is one of the best ways for a teenager to make money and contribute to the community.
It is not necessary to have a great deal of experience and to look for work you can try asking friends or placing adverts online or around; after school: the brightest students can try giving private tutoring to their peers or primary school children.
This is an excellent way to earn money by showcasing the results of the knowledge learned at school.
You can always try to place online ads to promote yourself; help beautician or hairdresser: a job more suited to those who love aesthetics could be to help in a beauty or beauty centre.
A way to cultivate passion, steal the secrets of the trade and then one day put the knowledge acquired into practice; waiter: another job you can do especially if you are attending hotel management school.
The waiter is one of the most sought after jobs but obviously there are time limitations to be respected given that it is forbidden by law to carry out work beyond a certain hour; open and manage a blog: digital offers various opportunities to earn from the comfort of home.
One of the simplest is to open a blog, start writing and earn from the advertising banners placed on each page; writing articles online or being a graphic designer: two other very interesting digital tasks are becoming an online editor by writing articles for blogs and newspapers.
Or if you have a passion for graphics, selling graphics online can be another very profitable job.
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