Thiago Motta’s Earnings Revealed: Salary and Contract Details at Juventus

Thiago Motta: A Rising Star in Coaching

Thiago Motta has been making headlines in the football world, especially after the remarkable performance of Bologna in the league, securing a spot in the upcoming Champions League.
The man behind this sporting miracle is none other than Thiago Motta, a former midfielder who achieved the treble with Inter Milan as a player, and is now proving to be one of the most promising coaches in Europe.

The Next Chapter: Juventus Beckons

Despite his success with Bologna, Thiago Motta has expressed his desire to leave the club at the end of the season.
It has been reported that Juventus is keen on securing his services following the departure of Massimiliano Allegri.
The potential contract with Juventus is rumored to be a lucrative one, reflecting Motta’s rising star in the coaching world.

Thiago Motta’s Earnings

Currently, Thiago Motta is under contract with Bologna until June 2024, earning a net salary of €1.2 million per year.
However, with his decision not to renew his contract, he will be free to join another club in July.
It is anticipated that he will sign a three-year deal with Juventus, with a projected salary of around €3.5 million per season.

Before his stint at Bologna, Motta earned €700,000 while coaching at Spezia.
However, his earnings were significantly higher during his playing career, with Inter Milan paying him €3 million annually.
His time at Paris Saint Germain was even more lucrative, with Motta reportedly earning a staggering €9.2 million net per year during his seven-season spell at the club.

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