What is the Islamic State and what does it want, the reasons for the attacks in Europe

Last night Brussels returned to terror with a new attack which saw the death of two Swedish citizens, probably in Belgium to watch the match between the two national teams valid for qualifying for the next European Championships.
A man, dressed in a fluorescent orange vest, opened fire in the center and then fled on a scooter.
A few moments after the two murders, he published a video on Facebook where he said he belonged to ISIS (Islamic State) and that he had killed to avenge Muslims.
The suspicion that he was heading towards the stadium triggered the alarm and the match was suspended with fans asked to remain inside the structure.
After a night of searches this morning the alleged perpetrator was identified and following a firefight with the police he died in hospital.
Investigations are still underway to identify at least two other accomplices who fled with the attacker.
One of these would have filmed the massacre.
The attack in Brussels puts the spotlight back on the self-styled Islamic State which has already been responsible for several attacks across Europe in the past.
Let's see why ISIS strikes.
What is the Islamic State and what it wants The Islamic State or better known as Isis is an international terrorist organization founded by al-Zarqawi and al-Baghdadi.
The group claims to be founded on the Sunni Islamic religion but many support the illegitimacy of the proclamation and the contrast between the group's ideology and religious doctrine.
For the UN and numerous states, ISIS is simply a terrorist organization.
The group is very active in Iraq and Syria where it has proclaimed the birth of a caliphate.
Since the proclamation of the caliphate, the Islamic State has been the protagonist of numerous crimes.
Mass executions, kidnappings, attacks, crimes and barbarisms of various kinds, all accompanied by accurate media propaganda through videos published on the web of executions or threats towards Western countries.
From 2014 to today there have been several attacks carried out around the world with the killing of numerous innocent citizens.
Yesterday's was only the latest in a long list.
Behind the reasons for such attacks against Western states, especially European ones, there are very specific political ideologies.
The Islamic State considers jihad the duty of every Muslim.
It promotes religious violence and considers all those who do not agree with their interpretation of the Quran as infidels and deserving of death.
The result is therefore a hatred against the West and Western citizens.
For this reason, those who join ISIS fight for jihad and decide to attack Western citizens only because it does not agree with their religion.
France and Belgium, territories with a strong radicalization and Islamic presence, are often the scene of these isolated attacks carried out by people belonging or presumed to belong to ISIS.
Just a few days ago in France a teacher was stabbed to death in a school by a jihadist attacker, shouting "Allah Akbar".
Yesterday new violence.
The risk is that what is happening in Israel and the Gaza Strip fuels new hatred towards the West with new attacks.
For this reason the alert has returned to the highest levels in all states, including Italy and Vatican City.
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