Who will win the Sanremo Festival 2024? Favorites and betting odds

Who will win the Sanremo Festival 2024? This is an increasingly recurring question as we get closer to the start of the singing festival which will take place, in the usual setting of the Ariston theatre, from 6 to 10 February.
Also at the helm of the 2024 edition of the Festival will be Amadeus who, as is now tradition, revealed the names of the 27 big names during Tg1.
Compared to other years, it was decided to increase the number of artists competing: 30 and no longer 26, with the remaining 3 vacant slots which will be filled on December 19th when Sanremo Giovani will take place.
As the names of the big names in the competition were revealed, critics and fans immediately tried to identify the possible favorites of the 2024 Sanremo Festival which will see the presence of the usual mix of young talents, established artists and "old glories".
At the same time, bookmakers have also started to list their odds on the winner of the national popular singing event par excellence in our country.
Let's see what the betting odds are regarding the winner of the 2024 Sanremo Festival, to try to better understand who the favorites would be in this edition of the event.
read also Sanremo 2024, when does it start? Dates, hosts and singers Who wins the Sanremo Festival 2024: betting odds and favorites To identify the possible winner of the Sanremo Festival 2024, it is first necessary to clarify the rules of the competition: the 30 songs will be judged by the jury of the press room, the radio stations and the public from home via televoting.
As regards the final evening of the Festival, this is the weight of the three voting systems: televoting 34%: press room, TV and web jury 33% and finally radio jury 33%.
Having clarified the regulation, let's now take a look at the betting odds for the winner of the Sanremo Festival 2024 – updated to 5 December – according to Sisal.
Fiorella Mannoia 12.00 Geolier 7.50 Dargen D'Amico 25.00 Emma 12.00 Fred De Palma 50.00 Angelina Mango 7.50 Diodato 16.00 Il Tre 66.00 La Sad 66.00 Renga and Nek 33.00 Sangiovanni 33.00 Alfa 25.00 Il Volo 16.00 Alessandra Amorous 5.00 Gazelles 20.00 Negramaro 6.00 Irama 16.00 Rose Villain 50.00 Mahmood 9.00 GHALI 25.00 BIG MAMA 33.00 Annalisa 7.50 Mister Rain 20.00 Maninni 66.00 The rich and poor 100.00 Loredana Berté 33.00 The Kolors 25.00 As you can see the great favorite for the final victory of the Sanremo 2024 Festival would be Alessandra Amoroso, with Negramaro and the Negramaro and the hit queens Annalisa and Angelina Mango to follow.
Given the large – and powerful – female presence on the Ariston stage, 2024 could be the right year for a woman to win the Festival: the last one was Arisa way back in 2014.

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