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Salary, thirteenth and increase of public employees, payment dates Noipa

Public employees are wondering about the payment dates of the December salary, to which is added the thirteenth month's salary and the increase in the contractual holiday allowance recognized as a form of advance on the increases that will be authorized by the next contractual renewal.
A curiosity made stronger by the fact that to date it is not possible to consult the December salary slip, as access to the specific Noipa service has been blocked.
Noipa itself broke the news with a message published on the official website last November 30th, which announced the stop to the service at least until the December installment closes: which is why the consultation of the payslip could only be reopened after 7 December 2023.
A stop most likely due to the need to complete the procedures for the recalculation of the contractual holiday allowance received during 2023, which Noipa will try until the last minute to include within of the ordinary payslip (otherwise there will be a subsequent extraordinary one).
But let's go back to the opening question: when is the December salary paid for public employees, which will certainly include the thirteenth month's salary? The date is fixed every year, but in 2023 it is brought forward slightly.
When does the December salary arrive with the thirteenth? Law 350/2001 establishes the dates for the payment of salaries of public employees.
Here it is established that from January to November accreditation takes place: on the 22nd day of the month for nursery and primary school teachers; the 23rd day of the month for the administrative staff of the provincial Treasury directorates with fixed expenditure roles; on the 24th day of the month for the remaining state staff with the exception of teachers with short-term substitutions, for whom the salary arrives on the 27th day of the month.
In December a different calendar applies, as the payment is brought forward by a few days so as to allow public employees to have their salary and bonus in time to make useful purchases for the Christmas period.
In detail, the accreditation dates are usually as follows: 14 December for nursery and primary school teachers; 15 December for the administrative staff of the provincial Treasury directorates with fixed expenditure roles; December 16 for temporary substitute teaching staff and for remaining state staff.
If these days coincide with a non-bankable day, for example if they fall on a Saturday or Sunday, then the payment will be made on the first available day before.
This means that this year, since December 16th is a Saturday, for all public employees the credit will be between Thursday 14th and Friday 15th.
What is paid between December 14th and 15th As anticipated, in the ordinary payslip there will certainly be the salary accrual plus the thirteenth, which we remember will have a lower net amount as a different taxation applies (given the lack of provision for deductions on earned income).
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However, the presence of the extraordinary payment of the increase in the contractual holiday allowance received during the year, which decree no.
145 of 18 October last, in article 3, increases from 0.5% to 3.35% exceptionally for 2023.
This will result in an increase that will be recognized to public employees in a single solution, equal to 2.85 Missing % for each monthly salary received calculated on the salary table.
On a salary of 2,000 euros gross, therefore, the one-off allowance will have a total value of approximately 740 euros gross.
In this regard, Noipa has confirmed that the crediting of the increase in the aforementioned allowance will take place in December and every last attempt will be made to include it in the ordinary payslip for payment between 14 and 15 December.
Otherwise you will have to wait a few more days, as the credit will take place with a subsequent extraordinary payslip.
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