Sanremo prime time lineup, order of release of singers and guests

The wait for the first evening of Sanremo is almost over, this evening, Tuesday 6 February, the Festival begins.
The show will be broadcast live from 8.40pm on Rai1, obviously from the Ariston Theater in the city of flowers.
Amadeus returns for the fifth time, the last according to his statements, as host and artistic director of the show.
For the first evening the co-host will be Marco Mengoni, who won the previous Festival with the song Due vite, 11 years after his victory on the Ariston stage with the song that made him famous, Essenziale.
Marco Mengoni and Amadeus will accompany the public throughout the evening, inaugurating the start of the 2024 Sanremo Festival and gradually introducing singers and guests.
This year there are 30 competing artists, 27 big names and 3 winners of Sanremo Giovani, competing for the prestigious title of winner of Sanremo and the possibility of competing in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Here's what we know about the lineup for this first evening and what the exit order of singers and guests should be.
Sanremo first evening lineup: order of release of the singers.
For the first evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival, all 30 competing artists will perform, in the single "Artists" category, just like in last year's edition.
Today it will therefore be possible to listen to all the unreleased songs, interspersed with the interventions of the guests and the jokes of Gialappa's Band.
Here are the 30 singers who will perform tonight and with which song.
For the moment the artists are presented in alphabetical order, the list is being updated to find out what the order of performance will be on the first evening.
Alessandra Amoroso – “Up to here” Alfa – “Go!” Angelina Mango – “Boredom” Annalisa – “Sincerely” BigMama – “Anger is not enough for you” Bnkr44 – “Punk Government” Clara – “Rough diamonds” Dargen D'Amico – “Onda alta” Diodato – “Ti muovi” Emma – “Apnea” Fiorella Mannoia – “Mariposa” Fred De Palma – “The sky doesn't want us” Gazzelle – “That's all” Geolier – “I p' me, tu p' te” Ghali – “Casa mia” Il Tre – “Fragili ” Il Volo – “Masterpiece” Irama – “Tu no” La Sad – “Self-destructive” Loredana Berté – “Crazy” Mahmood – “Gold tracksuit” Maninni – “Spectacular” Mr.Rain – “Two swings” Negramaro – “Let's start everything again” Renga-Nek – “Crazy about you” Ricchi e Poveri – “But not all your life” Rose Villain – “Click boom!” Sangiovanni – “Finiscimi” Santi Francesi – “Love in the mouth” The Kolors – “A boy a girl” read also Sanremo Festival 2024: wages and earnings of hosts, guests and singers Sanremo first evening lineup: guests and performances On the first evening (Tuesday 6 February) and on the covers evening (Friday 8 February) there will be no real guests, as the attention will be focused on the live performances of the 30 competing artists.
The guests concentrate more on the evenings in which the singers are divided, so that everyone has due space on stage.
Today Marco Mengoni will therefore be there as super guest, who will host the first evening of the Sanremo Festival together with Amadeus, but there will be no shortage of performances from the other two usual stages from Piazza Colombo and the Costa Smeralda.
The host has chosen people who have been close to the Sanremo Festival, in fact this evening we will listen to Lazza from the Suzuki Stage in Piazza Colombo and Tedua from the cruise ship – which Amadeus said was very innovative – of Costa Smeralda.
How to vote In the first evening of Sanremo 2024 only the jury from the Press, TV and Web room will vote.
The public will not vote today, but will be able to calmly enjoy the performances and then express their preferences with Televoting starting tomorrow, as foreseen by the Festival regulations.
At the end of the evening the top 5 positions in the ranking will be announced to the public.
This year, in fact, the first complete ranking will only be in the final: first the provisional version and finally the definitive one which will decide the winner of the 74th edition.
read also Sanremo 2024 Regulations for each evening: how the winner is decided

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