How much does Fiorello earn? Salary, assets and earnings of the showman protagonist in Sanremo

How much does Fiorello earn: the host and showman is a historic face of Italian entertainment, capable of exciting and entertaining several generations of spectators.
Between stellar fees, participation in successful programs, investments and personal projects, Fiorello is not only a skilled stage animal but also a wise entrepreneur in himself.
A long and successful career, a multifaceted face with multiple talents make Fiorello a true star of the Italian television and radio scene, and beyond.
His presence on TV is often desired, but each of his appearances on the small screen is often accompanied by rich fees and notable takings (accompanied by the controversies of his detractors).
Recently, in addition to the return of the morning strip of Viva Rai2!, the showman was also confirmed at the 2024 Sanremo Festival where he will speak in connection from the glass of his program together with other guests.
How much does Fiorello earn exactly and how much is the Sicilian one-man show worth for Rai? Let's try to get an idea of his heritage by retracing his long career.
How much does Fiorello earn: Sanremo's salary Fiorello is no stranger to stellar earnings, with several successful programs conducted over the years between Mediaset (the beginnings), Rai (where he hosted the cult program Viva Radio 2 for several years) and the brief parenthesis on Sky.
After the success of the last three years, we will see him again in 2024 at the Sanremo Festival but not on stage next to Amadeus: barring surprises, he should only intervene in connection.
If in the 2021 edition for a fixed presence in each of the five evenings it is rumored that he collected 250 thousand euros in total; in 2022 Fiorello was only present in the first evening for a fee that should have been around 50,000 euros, while the merit for 2023 and 2024 is currently unknown what his fee could be.
read also Sanremo Festival 2024: wages and earnings of hosts, guests and singers Fiorello: earnings as a presenter and testimonial Fiorello played an important role again in 2020 as the official testimonial of Rai Play, the Viale Mazzini streaming service (followed by a controversy regarding the commercial in question, which would have earned him an alleged, and unconfirmed, income of 17 thousand euros for a short two-minute clip).
For the show which aired first in the early evening on Rai Uno and then online, Viva Rai Play, there were several unconfirmed rumors at the time of the negotiations: several newspapers and newspapers reported the record figure of 100 thousand euros per episode, which if referring to just 5 episodes aired on TV, leading to a total of 500 thousand euros in just a week.
This is accompanied by his activity as a testimonial – see the WINDTRE commercials – and that of a radio and television host without forgetting that in his career Fiorello has published eight studio albums and as many live albums.
The companies and investments The most important earnings, however, derive from the two companies owned by Fiorello with his wife Susanna Biondo, both based in Rome.
In the real estate sector there is La Casetta Srl which, according to what was reported by Affaritaliani, the value "lies in the figures that photograph the assets (more than 18 million in 2020, latest available balance sheet), the net worth (6.8 million) and the 1.6 million profits, a source of liquidity that strengthened the assets" La Rosa Production on the other hand is a management company located right near the Rai headquarters in Viale Mazzini; in 2018 it would have totaled 3 million euros in revenues.
As much as 245,000 euros of these would have come from the distribution of a film at the cinema, entitled "Who has seen it", which featured his brother Beppe Fiorello and a co-production with Rai Cinema.
The latest balance sheet filed by Rosa Production in the company register corresponds to the year 2021 and reports a turnover range between 600,000 and 1,500,000 Euros, a decrease of 44.67% compared to the previous year probably due to the problems related to Covid.

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