Sanremo third evening lineup: order of singers, guests and provisional ranking

Third evening lineup of the Sanremo Festival 2024: the 74th edition of the singing festival comes to life, with the remaining 15 artists who did not perform yesterday who will take the stage at the Ariston theater today, Thursday 8 February.
To find out the lineup for the third evening of the Sanremo Festival 2024, however, you will have to be patient until 12.30, given that the order of release – and the pairing of who will present the artist among the singers who performed yesterday – will be drawn in today's press conference.
As happened last night, at the end of the performances there will be a vote which will also involve the audience at home and, at the end, the names of the five most voted artists will be announced in a sort of ranking of the evening.
As for the guests of the third evening of the Sanremo Festival 2024, this Thursday will also be in Hollywood style: after John Travolta who danced with Amadeus yesterday, today Russell Crowe will arrive on the stage of the Ariston theater and will play with his band Indoor Garden Party .
If Russell Crowe will be the international guest, our local music will be represented by Eros Ramazzotti who 40 years later will sing Terra Promessa, the song with which he won the Sanremo Giovani category in 1984.
In external link then there will be Paola & Chiara and Bresh, while on stage there will be the presence of Gianni Morandi – a welcome return – and the Stefano Massini-Paolo Jannacci duo.
read also Sanremo Festival 2024: salary and earnings of hosts, guests and singers Third evening lineup Sanremo Festival: the order of singers The third evening of the Sanremo Festival 2024 will be co-hosted by Teresa Mannino, with the actress and presenter who will join the host Amadeus on the stage of the Ariston theatre.
These are the 15 competing artists who will perform today Thursday 7 February during the third evening of the Sanremo Festival.
Alessandra Amoroso Angelina Mango Bnkr44 Diodato Fiorella Mannoia Ghali Il Tre La Sad Maninni Mr.
Rain Negramaro Rich and Poor Rose Villain Sangiovanni French Saints As mentioned, the lineup for the third evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival will be drawn during today's press conference which will be held in late morning, where the pairing of which artist who performed yesterday will present his colleague competing today will also be established.
The provisional ranking of the Sanremo Festival 2024 During the second evening of the Sanremo Festival, the 15 artists who sang their song in the competition were voted by the radio jury (50%) and by the public at home via televoting (50%) .
This is the second evening ranking with the five most voted singers.
Geolier – I p' me, tu p' te Irama – Tu no Annalisa – Sincerely Loredana Bertè – Pazza Mahmood – Gold tracksuit Also on this third evening the ranking will be determined half by the radio jury and the other half by televoting.
In the first evening however – when all 30 competing singers performed – it was the jury from the press room, TV and web who voted, with this being their five most popular.
Loredana Bertè – Crazy Angelina Mango – Boredom Annalisa – Sincerely Diodato – You move Mahmood – Gold tracksuit At the moment the ranking is therefore more than partial: the votes received during the first evening will be added to those of the second and third evening which will take place tonight with 15 artists yet to give their second performance.
The victory of the 2024 Sanremo Festival will then be decided on Friday evening – that of duets and covers – and on the final one on Saturday, where all 30 competing singers will take the stage one after the other.
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