What is cumbia, meaning of the song “La noia” by Angelina Mango

Among the 30 artists competing at the Sanremo 2024 festival, we also find Angelina Mango.
The singer, born in 2001, is a daughter of art, her father being the late Lucanian singer-songwriter Pino Mango.
Angelina rose to national prominence last year after participating in Amici di Maria de Filippi where she placed second but triumphed in the singing category.
From the reality show onwards, there were two singles that made her one of the most popular emerging singers in Italy.
Songs such as Che t'o dico a fa' and We think about tomorrow are certified platinum.
In Sanremo Angelina Mango presents herself with the song «La noia» and is considered one of the favorites to win the final.
It is a lively song with a Latin aftertaste that intertwines with more electronic tones in the style of Madame and Dardust who sign the piece with her.
«It's an up song, but in my head it's not entirely because it's very emotional, it's an autobiographical song.
And autobiographical songs can be tunz-tunz but at the same time arrive vertically.
It's about me", said the singer explaining the song where she wants to overturn the normal concept of boredom which is often seen as a feeling to be fought but which in reality often acts as a forerunner to something new, to a rebirth.
The text makes particular reference to «The cumbia of boredom».
This is what the word cumbia means.
What is cumbia mentioned by Angelina Mango in her song in Sanremo Cumbia is a popular music that comes from South America.
It arose when Spanish invaders reached Colombia in the 1500s.
Slaves employed on plantations in colonial Colombia had imported a kind of ritual group dance called cumbiamba which would later become a couple dance called cumbia.
In the 20th century, the popularity of cumbia spread first throughout South America and then throughout the world.
It is a mix of indigenous melodies and African rhythms.
Even in Italy there are several admirers of this apparently unknown genre, which has now risen to national prominence thanks to Angelina Mango's song.
Among the first admirers of cumbia in Italy we find the Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti who with the song «In questo grande città – La prima cumbia», pioneered the genre in our country.
Jovanotti is also an admirer of the genre.
The number of enthusiasts has grown a lot over the years, so much so that in recent years the Italian Institute of Cumbia was founded which brings together enthusiasts of the genre.
Last year the institute also organized a trip to South America to discover the origins of cumbia and see how people on the other side of the ocean reacted to this Italian version.
After Angelina Mango's song brought to Sanremo, cumbia fans will certainly grow further in Italy.
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