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Is Biden losing young people? And he relies on TikTok

The latest NBC poll on the Biden-Trump contest is devastating for the president, and I'll give the details below.
But the result that I highlight here, at the beginning, on youth orientation towards voting, is notable for two reasons.
The first is terrible in itself, like the other survey data, for the electoral fortunes of the incumbent president.
But the second is worse: it caused an absurd reaction from Biden that is threatening the economic interests and energy independence of the United States and its allies.
It was the New York Times that explained that the idea of stopping the construction of ports for the export of American liquefied gas, with the aim of signaling the administration's efforts to save the world, was given to the White House by the visit of a 25-year-old influencer, known for the following among young people of his green battles via TikTok.
Here are the numbers.
Only 29% of young people (aged 18 to 34) approve of the president's work and this is reflected in an unthinkable draw with Trump: 42% of voters aged 18 to 34, in fact, say today that they will vote for Biden, with a identical percentage who say they will vote Republican.
But at the 2020 polls, this is the significant fact, the victorious Biden had trailed Trump by 24 points, 60% against 36%, in the exit polls among voters aged 18 to 29.
The collapse in favor among young people, which had already been partially anticipated in other recent surveys, scares Biden so much that he, or someone on his behalf, have thought of a desperate remedy to win back twenty-year-olds.
Which? Dust off the trite issue of global warming (or "climate change" if it's too cold) by intervening with a punitive political statement on the American natural gas business through a senseless moratorium on the development of export ports.
It's a shame that "clean" gas is the fundamental factor for achieving and maintaining the country's energy self-sufficiency.
And that, therefore, Biden's stop is contrary to the interests of America and its friends.
As National Review's January 30 editorial denounced, “rarely does a policy change make no sense in itself, contradict other policies of the same administration, and harm America's interests at home and abroad.
But the Biden administration managed to do all this with its decision to block the approval of new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals.” In essence, the president, to signal to the American Grete Thunberg, before the November vote, that the government is doing everything it can to save the planet by attacking fossil energy, has been fierce against entrepreneurs who invest in ports equipped for LNG export.
In Congress, the Republican senator from Louisiana, John Kennedy, denounced the failures of a policy which, among other things, would have the consequence of cutting off the possibility of future shipments of natural gas to European allies, including Italy.
He did so by speaking in the Senate, where he threatened to block all appointments to the Ministry of Energy with his veto, and then with an op-editorial hosted on January 30 by the Wall Street Journal.
“When completed,” Kennedy wrote, “Calcasieu Pass will be the largest terminal in the country.
Denying his permission would jeopardize $20 billion in U.S.
industry investment and kill thousands of good jobs in my state.
There is no environmental justification for killing these jobs.
Natural gas is the reason America leads the world in reducing carbon emissions,” the senator explained.
“From 2005 to 2019, natural gas led to a 32% reduction in America's carbon emissions, creating 1.4 million manufacturing jobs and ensuring families paid half as much to heat their homes.” Not only Americans, “but their allies will suffer from Biden's attacks on natural gas,” the GOP senator wrote.
“When war broke out in Ukraine, the president promised our friends in Europe and elsewhere that they could count on the U.S.
to continue to deliver natural gas.
Our allies should not depend on Russia, Iran and China to turn on the lights at home.” Finally, Kennedy also used sarcasm to mock Biden's exit.
“Apparently, whatever TikTok influencer convinced the Biden administration to ban LNG permits forgot to mention the good part about natural gas.” And the reference to Tik Tok is not a joke.
Indeed, to decide its environmental policy the White House "documented" itself by listening to the wishes of green activists, and obeying: the New York Times reported that the "moratorium" imposed on the construction works of ports for gas export Liquefied was born out of Biden advisers' meetings with a 25-year-old influencer well known for his green activism on TikTok.
The social network, popular among very young people, has a member of the Chinese Communist Party who sits on the board of directors and holds the golden share.
Biden can delude himself that winking at TikTok's young and anti-fossil audience, straight from Beijing, will allow him to regain the favor liquefied by his policies in the under 30 age group.
But what about the rest? The holes in his electorate that emerge from the NBC News poll cited above are scary for the Democrats.
Currently, only 35% of Hispanics and 27% of independents approve of the job Biden is doing.
Nationally, Trump is now leading Biden by five points, 47% to 42%.
Compared to July 2023, when Trump was behind with 45% and Biden in front with 49%, it is a sensational reversal of nine points.
Biden's job approval rating is at 37%, with the opposite, disapproval rating, soaring at 60%.
The two numbers represent his worst historical result in this poll, a gap of -23 points between for and against.
And NBC TV is notoriously pro-DEM and anti-GOP.
In January last year, Biden was down (just) four points with an approval/disapproval gap of 46 to 50.
By contrast, in this same poll from early 2020, 10 months before the election he would later lose, Trump It had an approval rating of 46%.
No president in the history of this poll has seen his approval rating drop to 37% since President George W.
Bush during the collapse of his second term.
In a potential rematch in 2024, only 75% of black voters now say they support Biden, while 16% are rooting for Trump.
But it should be remembered that in 2020 Trump had only 8% of the black vote.
Nowhere in Biden's statement announcing the moratorium "is it explained why the existence of new LNG export terminals would damage the climate", we read again in the National Review.
“According to EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) methodology, forever canceling all US LNG exports would reduce global temperatures by 0.013% degrees Celsius by 2100.
This tiny effect would occur with a much more draconian policy than Biden's." In other words: LNG exports simply do not contribute to changing the climate in any significant way.
After all, the reality is that LNG will still be produced, sold on the global market, and then used.
And this will happen regardless of new export terminal construction.
The real question is whether the US wants to make its exports easier or more difficult, knowing full well that making them more difficult does not cool temperatures.
Countries that would have purchased U.S.
LNG can do so from other countries.
And countries that are unable to obtain LNG will likely use coal, which is much "dirtier" to burn.
The main reason for the decline in carbon emissions in the United States in recent years is precisely the shift from coal to natural gas for electricity production, as Senator Kennedy said.
In short, complicating American LNG exports only harms other countries' efforts to reduce their emissions.
“The United States did not export natural gas until 2016,” recalls the National Review.
“Now they are the world's leading exporter.
America’s dominance of LNG is primarily a function of the fracking revolution.” And this is not only a manifestation of innovation in the United States, but it equips it with a new weapon in the geopolitical sphere.
“Providing an alternative to Russian natural gas should be a primary goal of US policy in Europe.
The Biden administration likes to boast that it has restored the confidence of US allies, but our European allies are now worried about the future if LNG export capacity is not expanded beyond already approved projects.” All to pimp a 25-year-old TikTok influencer.

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