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Extension of the protected market on one condition only, the government's announcement

The Government could consider an extension to the protected market.
If until now the possibility of an extension to the protected market seemed excluded, the latest statements by the undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, Lucia Albano, shuffle the cards on the table of the Council of Ministers.
In these days, in fact, the government is still discussing the Energy Decree, which should have been presented last October 23, but the discussion had been postponed while waiting to understand whether or not there were the conditions for an extension.
An extension that was requested by the unions for the weakest sections of the population.
As explained by Spi Cgil, the transition to the protected market would force every citizen to choose their own supplier, with the risk of incurring a further increase in prices "already burdened by inflation".
The unions insisted that those who choose the "free market must be able to do so with full awareness and not finding themselves in the position of not knowing how to orient themselves".
If in recent days, therefore, the Government has tried to understand what the margins for intervention could be, imagining possible extensions, such as the one proposed by Minister Pichetto Fratin, it seems that it is now ready to actively evaluate the possibility of extending the transition to the free market , but on only one condition.
Which? It is appropriate to find an answer to this question.
Here is everything you need to know about the possible extension of the protected market.
Extension of the protected market: what is the proposal? There still seems to be some hope for the extension of the protected market, albeit remote.
The delay in the approval of the energy decree, expected on October 23, alone is a sign that gives hope.
The delay would be due to taking into consideration the possibility of a new extension to the protected market, catering to the most vulnerable segments of the population.
At the moment the request for an extension has been challenged by the minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin who has hypothesized extending by 6 months or 1 year the obligation to transition from the protected market to the competitive one which should occur in January 2024 for gas and in April 2024 for electricity.
A mandatory step that will affect all families except vulnerable ones.
read also Bills, here's what you need to do if you are still in the protected market Extension of the protected market on only one condition: here's what it therefore seems that the Government may consider an extension of the protected market, as announced by the undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, Lucia Albano and as we read in the parliamentary reports of the examination of the energy bill in the Finance and Productive Activities commissions of the Chamber.
In order for the Government to be able to help citizens by approving an extension for the protected electricity and gas market, there is only one condition, which certainly cannot be ignored.
As Undersecretary Mef Albano explains, the extension can only be positively evaluated if the content is "fully respectful of European constraints".
In fact, as is now well known, it is above all the European Union that wants the transition from the protected market to a free market, which has been pushing for market liberalization for years.
The agreements made with the EU Commission are more important, as reiterated, among other things, by the Minister for European Affairs, Raffaele Fitto.
However, during the last meetings held in Brussels, he asked for the possibility of providing forms of protection for some customers.
Although the extension of the protected market is "under the Government's attention", there are nevertheless "specific European constraints" on the matter that cannot be ignored.
There could be the risk that, by once again delaying the transition from a protected to a free market, Italy could be put in default with the risk of compromising the Pnrr payments.
But the undersecretary reassures: "While the negotiations underway within the European Union are pending, the conditions exist for the Executive to accept commitments for the continuation of the protection regime".
We therefore just have to wait for the energy decree to become official to find out whether or not there will be an extension to the protected market.
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