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Protected market, is it better to change the gas or electricity supplier first?

While waiting for news on a possible extension of the transition from the protected to the free energy market, it is a good idea to start looking at the offers expected in the competitive market, especially as regards gas.
You should know, in fact, that initially the obligation only concerns the supply of gas – for which among other things it would be appropriate to speed up the time given that future projections tell us that new tariff increases are on the way – while as regards the there is more time for electricity given that the deadline is set for April 2024.
If you therefore want to proceed step by step, leaving the supply of electricity in the protected market and only passing that of gas into the competitive market, you can absolutely do so, but keeping in mind mind that on the free market there are combined electricity and gas offers that could be particularly convenient (especially if activated under current conditions).
Protected market, earlier deadline for gas As Arera – Regulatory Authority for energy, networks and the environment – reminds us – current legislation establishes that with the sole exception of vulnerable families (details here) we are moving towards the end of protection services for electricity and gas.
In detail, as regards domestic natural gas customers, the overcoming of price protection is expected from January 2024, while for electricity starting from April 2024.
Change of gas supplier by 31 December Therefore, the first step which must absolutely be done by the end of the year and concerns the supply of natural gas.
In fact, anyone who is still in the protected market in January, despite not satisfying the requirements, will be automatically assigned to the gradual protection service where the supplier is automatically assigned.
This means that you will not be able to choose the tariff, with the risk that you will have to pay more than when you were on the protected market, with tariffs even higher than those set by other suppliers on the free market.
Not making the switch within the aforementioned deadline is therefore not convenient as you leave it to others to decide the price applied, when instead by starting to move today you can do so freely by choosing whoever offers you the best contractual conditions.
Why it is advisable to change gas supplier by November 30th In reality it would be advisable to make the change by November 30th, before Arera communicates the new tariff update.
In the latest adjustment there has already been an increase of 12% for consumption in October: the feeling is that there will be another one of at least the same value next month, with gas bills therefore risking increasing further.
However, they do not increase for those who, having signed up for a promotion on the free market, can benefit from an offer with a price locked for at least 12 months (placet offers).
This is why it is probably best to make the switch by the end of November, before a possible new increase could also lead to an increase in competitive tariffs with a fixed price.
read also Why it is better to leave the protected market immediately Is it also worth making the switch to electricity? As anticipated, for electricity the deadline is set for April 2024 so there is still some time to evaluate the transition.
In the meantime, you can "test" how the free market works with the supply of gas and then if you are happy with that supplier, also sign an electricity contract.
It being understood that, barring extensions, the transition will still need to be made by April if you want to avoid the Gradual Protection Service.
In this regard, keep in mind that we are heading towards a new increase in energy costs: this means that the tariffs available on the free market in a few months may not be as convenient as the current ones.
Waiting, therefore, may not be a wise choice, especially if you consider that several suppliers offer the possibility of signing up for a combined offer for electricity and gas at favorable conditions (and with the convenience of having everything in a single bill).

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