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Free energy market, price comparison: the guide

We are at the gates of 2024 and therefore also of the transition to the free energy market for private users.
In this period, therefore, consumers are trying to understand how to move to keep the increases under control and find convenient offers according to energy prices.
The comparison between the various proposed tariffs is essential to be able to evaluate a supply contract, given that it is based on objective parameters such as the price of the raw material and the average price adopted by the companies for comparison.
There are many tools on the web dedicated to this purpose, to facilitate calculations and the availability of information.
Obviously the cost is not the only useful parameter for evaluating the offer and the contract as a whole, but understanding whether it is in line with the average cost helps to verify the transparency of the company and the prospects for the future.
Here is a step-by-step guide to price comparison.
Price comparison in the free market Price comparison in the free energy market: how to do it Electricity and gas offers portal 1) The type of offer 2) Characteristics of the supply 3) The price comparison Free energy market price comparison: how to do it To compare prices proposed by companies in the free energy market, the simplest method is undoubtedly the use of the Offer Portal.
This is an online tool specifically designed for comparing electricity and gas supply offers, while at the same time useful for finding the one that best suits your needs.
The reliability of the Offer Portal lies in the fact that it is a public site, managed by Acquirente Unico according to Arera provisions.
In short, everything was verified with a view to protecting consumers and the correct and transparent competitiveness of energy markets.
It is possible to use the portal both to compare an offer received with the average parameters, taking into account relevant characteristics such as location and consumption, and to find the various offers in line with your needs and the necessary services.
Here's how to do it step by step.
Electricity and gas offers portal The first step is obviously to open the Offer Portal web page, although beforehand it may be useful to have some useful information to select from the offers.
Not all selection fields are mandatory, but they are still extremely useful for an in-depth comparison.
For example, you need to know your consumption (found on previous bills) or the size of your house.
1) The type of offer In any case, the first section of data to fill in relates to the type of offer.
Here, you will need to indicate which type of offers you want to compare (electricity, gas or dual fuel), the location where you want to activate the service with the postal code and the municipality and use (home or other).
It will then be necessary to choose between the fixed and variable price offers, but before this you can indicate the number of an offer already received for comparison with the others available.
Before moving on to the second section, dedicated to the characteristics of the offer, you will need to indicate whether or not you are resident in the chosen municipality.
It should be noted that in the locality field, where the Municipality is requested, it is essential to enter the precise postcode and not the generic one.
2) Characteristics of the supply As characteristics of the electrical supply it is necessary to indicate: Desired power level expressed in kW (the domestic standard is 3 kW); preference between the price in consumption bands or single-hourly; only renewable energy or not; annual consumption (if known).
If the annual consumption is not known, the following must also be indicated: Period of the year in which the supply is used; number of people in the home; type of lighting used (fluorescence or LED); household appliances (simply selecting those owned in the list).
As regards the characteristics of the gas, however, it is necessary to indicate: The use (cooking food, domestic hot water, heating); counter class (if known); annual consumption (if known).
In the absence of data on annual consumption, additional information will also have to be added in this case, namely: Period of year in which the supply is used; number of people in the home; surface of the house.
You can then add optional selection criteria depending on your personal needs, which concern for example discounts, additional products and services (such as thermal and photovoltaic), the payment method and activation of the offer.
3) Price comparison At this point it will be possible to view the available offers corresponding to the indicated criteria, presented in an easily understandable way with the name of the company, the duration of validity of the offer and the estimated annual cost.
By clicking on the chosen offer it will be possible to view the complete information but, if there is too much, it is useful to make a further selection with the available filters.
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