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Francesca Bergesio, who is Miss Italy 2023 (and who is her father)

The new Miss Italia 2023 is Piedmontese, studies medicine and loves cinema.
Francesca Bergesio from Cervere, 19 years old, crowned queen on Saturday 11 November in Salsomaggiore Terme where the beauty contest returned after 13 years.
A jury composed this year of Vittorio Sgarbi, who was president, Hoara Borselli, Giuseppe Cruciani and Giulia Salemi elected her Miss Italy.
The evening will be hosted by Jo Squillo, who became famous in Sanremo in 1991 with the song We are women and is committed to the defense of women's rights.
In the Europa Hall of the Salsomaggiore Terme conference building, the Miss received the crown from Patrizia Mirigliani and from the president of the jury Sgarbi who during the evening indulged in jokes and attempts to get on stage to better "admire the beauty of the competitors” – jokes that recall one of the main criticisms leveled at beauty contests: creating beauty standards that conform to gender expression and that better please the male gaze: the male gaze.
Francesca Bergesio, who was crowned Miss Piedmont in August, said she was incredibly excited by the victory, especially thanking her mother.
But what arouses a certain curiosity is instead Miss Italy's father, a well-known politician.
So let's find out who Francesca Bergesio is and what her father does.
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Francesca graduated from the European Classical High School and has recently enrolled in the first year of the Faculty of Medicine in Rome.
She confessed that she signed up for the competition to get involved: “It was a wonderful journey that made me grow on a personal level.
I met so many girls and it will be a fantastic memory." In her presentation she said she lived for five years in a boarding school where she learned her passion for acting: passionate about football, especially Juventus, she said she hoped, in the future, to be able to reconcile work and passions.
The 19-year-old Bergesio also received another “Miss Safe Driving” sash, awarded in collaboration with the State Police.
And Bergesio actually seems to be very determined, despite her young age.
In fact, he declared that he wanted to continue his studies but leaving the door open to the world of fashion: "I would like to be a doctor, I would like to specialize in cardiac surgery and combine my work with the world of fashion or cinema, which I will not give up." Who is the father of Miss Italy 2023: Giorgio Maria Bergesio Giorgio Maria Bergesio, the father of Francesca, Miss Italy 2023, is a senator of the League.
Born in Bra in 1963, Bergesio works as a company manager.
He was mayor of Cervere from 1995 to 2004, then deputy mayor and city councilor from 2004 to 2009, first with Forza Italia and then with Lega.
Having moved to the League, he was re-elected provincial councilor in the 2014 elections, holding the position of President of the Provincial Council.
In 2014 he was then elected provincial secretary of Cuneo of the League.
In the 2018 political elections he was then elected senator in the multi-member Piedmont constituency.
But it was with the 2022 political elections that he was elected to the Senate of the Republic for the centre-right with 51.73%.
Today he is also a member of the Rai Supervisory Commission.
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