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0100 Conference Mediterranean: appointment in Rome for private equity and venture capital

After 46 events in different European regions, Zero One Hundred Conferences brings to the debut in Italy a format dedicated to the private capital ecosystem.
In fact, the first edition of the 0100 Conference Mediterranean will be held in Rome on October 19th, entirely dedicated to the private equity and venture capital industry.
International industry experts and fund managers will take stock of the topics on the agenda including the prospects for technology investments, the "denominator effect" and the challenges in valuation changes.
The event will see the participation of of over 300 senior private equity and venture capital profiles interested in rebalancing asset allocation, after the significant decreases in the tech valuation market, and in deepening investment prospects with more "reasonable" valuation approaches.
Pavol Fuchs, CEO of Zero One Hundred Conferences said: In an ever-changing world, investors need a platform to exchange ideas and stay informed about industry trends and challenges in order to maintain a competitive edge.
The core mission of Zero Conferences One Hundred is to facilitate this exchange and promote networking between Limited Partners, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity firms.
It offers them opportunities to achieve various goals, whether it's raising funds, improving brand visibility, connecting with other investors, or gaining insights from industry leaders.
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And with opportunities abounding, this appears to be a great time to invest in technology.
Paolo Gesess, Founder and Managing Partner of United Ventures, defined the denominator effect as one of the most relevant challenges in fundraising for investors in the technology sector in the short term: «a careful strategy and effective communication are needed to demonstrate the potential of long-term growth in tech investments." Gianluca Dettori, President and General Partner of Primo Ventures, added: «the combination of uncertainty and complexity of the current geopolitical landscape, with fluctuating interest rates and the persistent specter of inflation, represent important challenges for fundraising».
Gesess and Dettori agree that – even if uncertainties persist – the long-term growth potential of technology companies has reignited investor interest and will delve deeper into their point of view from the stage during some panels.
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Buyout funds hold $2.8 trillion in un-exited assets.
Valuable assets continue to trade at appropriate multiples, while the gap between supply and demand is still quite significant for lower quality assets." 0100 Conference Mediterranean promises to be an unmissable event to build meaningful relationships with investors and innovators, and listen firsthand to the most influential voices in the field of investments in the Mediterranean basin.
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