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S-Marter Wins J.P. Morgan and JA Italia’s Career Connect 2024

S-Marter Wins Career Connect 2024 Competition

In Milan, on May 7, 2024, S-Marter emerged as the winner of the 2024 edition of the Career Connect program by J.P.
Morgan in collaboration with Junior Achievement Italy.
The competition, which featured 11 teams from seven secondary schools in Milan, concluded with the final event at the Palazzo della Regione Lombardia.

The Winning Idea: S-Marter Software for Smart Glasses

The winning idea, presented by students from class Quarta D of IIS Marelli-Dudovich, was “S-Marter”, a software for Smart Glasses designed to correct spelling and math errors, targeting those struggling with writing and calculations.
The software’s solution is innovative, utilizing advanced technologies to reduce inaccuracies in paper documents while preserving handwriting.
This success grants the team direct access to the Entrepreneurship Championships scheduled for May 23 and 24 in Parma.

About Career Connect by JP Morgan and JA Italy

Career Connect is an annual program organized by J.P.
Morgan in partnership with Junior Achievement Italy, allowing students to express their creativity and develop entrepreneurial skills.
The 2024 edition saw the participation of over 200 students from seven schools in Milan and its surroundings, highlighting the growing interest in educational programs promoting innovation and collaboration between schools and businesses.
Morgan’s Dream Coaches played a crucial role in providing guidance and support to the teams, contributing to the creation of concrete and innovative business ideas.

Throughout the school year, participating students work with the support of teachers and J.P.
Morgan’s Dream Coaches, who provide mentoring and guidance to develop innovative business ideas.
The final competitions take place through pitch sessions, where teams present their projects to a panel of experts.
The goal is to foster the development of cross-cutting skills and an entrepreneurial spirit in the youth, preparing students to enter the workforce with an innovative mindset.

The Winning Idea of S-Marter

S-Marter is a software capable of correcting spelling and math errors through Smart Glasses, utilizing lens scanning technology.
This solution represents a crucial resource for those facing difficulties in writing or calculations, offering an innovative approach to preserve handwriting while providing corrections and suggestions.
The project captured the jury’s attention, showcasing how technology can be used to address concrete problems and enhance daily life.

The S-Marter team will now have the opportunity to participate in the Entrepreneurship Championships in Parma, an event gathering the best projects from across the country.
These championships will provide students with the chance to further develop their concept and connect with industry experts, expanding the project’s implementation possibilities.
This competition also stands as a significant step to encourage young individuals to explore new horizons and actively contribute to the future of entrepreneurship in Italy.

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