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Live football betting. Footballers, presidents and more, the names of those involved

New football betting scandal in Italy: the situation is constantly evolving and the scenario is getting worse by the hour, at least according to the rumors reported by Dillingernews, Fabrizio Corona's newspaper.
After the news involving Nicolò Fagioli, yesterday came the revelation about Sandro Tonali and Nicolò Zaniolo, who had already been heard by investigators and investigated (including the seizure of tablets and smartphones).
But it doesn't end here: already today on Dillingernews the name of a Roma player will be revealed, while in the last few hours the rumor has been circulating that there could also be three Serie A presidents involved.
We remember that being investigated does not mean being guilty.
The authorities, who apparently have been investigating for weeks now with the investigation starting from the analysis of some illegal platforms, will be the ones to ascertain the actual involvement of the names circulated in recent hours.
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4.50pm Fabrizio Corona responds to Zalewski's lawyers Back and forth between Zalewski's entourage and Fabrizio Corona, who said he was absolutely not worried about the possibility that he could be sued for the latest statements regarding the football betting affair.
And he reiterates that he has several messages that the footballer's mother sent him in the last few hours "to implore him not to mention her son's name".
3.23pm Nicola Zalewski, the lawyers respond to Corona Nicola Zalewski is not in it: immediately after his name was revealed by Fabrizio Corona, the player's lawyers announced a lawsuit against him.
The Roma midfielder, therefore, denies all the accusations.
2.45pm Here is the fourth name In the meantime, Fabrizio Corona on his Dillingernews has mentioned the fourth name of the footballer who, according to him, would be involved in the betting case.
This is Roma's Nicola Zalewski born in 2001.
2.42pm Tonali and Zaniolo reject the accusations According to what was reported by Repubblica, during the interrogation with the Police Nicolò Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali rejected the accusations, confirming that they play online but not football.
“It was just poker and blackjack”, claim the two footballers who in the meantime have abandoned the national team retreat.
2.30pm The totonomi has started on social networks Meanwhile, the totonomi has started on social networks: who will be the next footballer involved? Fabrizio Corona says he is ready to name all the names but in the meantime there is a list circulating on WhatsApp with several Serie A players which if confirmed would make a real sensation.
For the moment, however, it seems to be more of a list made by some braggart.
1.56pm Shock on Serie A: "Three presidents involved" As if the news on Fagioli, Tonali and Zaniolo were not enough, the latter two who even left the national team's retreat, there could be a new bombshell on football betting with the involvement of three presidents of Serie A.
Fabrizio Corona also spoke on the topic and in an interview given to Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, in which he underlined that there are no Napoli players affected by the affair, he declared that on the possibility that there could be three Serie A presidents involved cannot yet say anything as it is "secreted by the Prosecutor's Office".
2.16pm 10 names in Fagioli's chats According to what was reported by Repubblica, the evidence of the involvement of other footballers (around 10) was recovered from Fagioli's mobile phone, which was seized by the authorities immediately after the opening of the investigation.
Here, in fact, there are chats with other of his teammates, including one from Juventus and precisely Tonali and Zaniolo, complete with links to the platforms where he bet.

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