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How to Add Additional Lines to 730/2024 Tax Form

How to Add Additional Rows to Section E of Form 730/2024

The tax declaration season is in full swing: since May 20th, it has been possible to modify, correct, integrate, and submit Form 730 and the Redditi model.
Taxpayers are rushing to submit their income tax return these days to receive an immediate refund.

One crucial section for calculating the refund amount is Section E, which deals with deductible and deductible expenses.
In this section, taxpayers must report the expenses incurred in 2023 to be eligible for tax credits.

However, the rows provided in the form may not always be sufficient to include all expenses for which a tax credit or deduction is due.
So, what should you do to add new rows to Section E of Form 730/2024 if the existing ones are not enough?

Understanding the Breakdown of Section E

– **Section I (Rows E1 to E14):** Here, expenses that qualify for a 19%, 26%, 30%, 35%, or 90% tax credit are reported.
These include medical expenses, education expenses, transportation expenses, sports expenses for children, donations to non-profit organizations, social promotion associations, volunteer organizations, or insurance premiums for catastrophic risk events concerning insurance contracts stipulated in conjunction with the 110% seismic bonus.

– **Section II (Rows E21 to E36):** This section covers expenses that qualify for a deduction from total income.

– **Section IIIA (Rows E41 to E43):** These rows are for expenses related to building renovation and anti-seismic measures eligible for a tax credit.

– **Section IIIB (Rows E51 to E53):** Here, cadastral data is entered to claim the deduction in Section IIIA.

– **Section IIIC (Rows E56 to E59):** Expenses eligible for a 50% tax credit, such as pension redemption periods, charging infrastructure installation, furniture purchases for energy-efficient homes, or charging infrastructure installations together with specific super-bonus interventions, are reported in this section.

– **Section IV (Rows E61 to E62):** These rows are for energy-saving interventions eligible for a tax credit.

– **Section V (Rows E71 to E72):** Here, data necessary for claiming the tax credit for lease payments is provided.

– **Section VI (Rows E81 to E83):** Details for claiming all other tax credits are to be entered in this section.

Adding Additional Rows to Form 730/2024 Section E

If the rows available in Section E are insufficient to cover all deductible and deductible expenses, adding a new sheet to Section E can solve the issue.
By clicking on “add module” at the top right of Section E, a new sheet will open, offering additional rows for data entry without altering the previously filled sheet.

To navigate between sheets and view the data entered in the initial sheet, simply click on the number next to “Module N.” It’s advisable to save the entered data before switching between sheets.

In cases where multiple expenses (e.g., education or sports expenses for each child, veterinary costs for pets) require more rows than the form provides, adding a new sheet ensures adequate space to report all necessary expenses.

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