Italian Budget Law 2024

The 2024 Budget Law does not satisfy. The results of the survey

The 2024 Budget Law does not satisfy.
This is the response of the survey launched just in the days in which the maneuver concluded its parliamentary process by being definitively approved – with the votes of only the majority – following the green light received first in the Senate and then in the Chamber .
As can be seen from the results of the survey, which we remind you does not have a scientific but only indicative value as it was not carried out on a sample basis, 62% of respondents judged the 2024 budget law to be unsatisfactory.
In all likelihood the underlying reason for this rejection on the part of readers is to be sought for the promises made during the electoral campaign and currently not yet kept by the government, especially regarding pensions and tax reform.
For the rest, it is a budget law that certainly will not go down in history, with an overall impact of around 24 billion of which 16 were financed through an extra deficit, with the main measure being the extension for the whole of next year of the contribution relief introduced in 2023.
read also Budget Law 2024, the official text with all the news Readers reject the 2024 Budget Law The results of the survey on the 2024 Budget Law somehow clash with those of the latest surveys politicians, who see Fratelli d'Italia in decline but still the first party in the country by detachment.
More generally, the center-right would once again emerge as a clear winner in the event of elections, but the dissatisfaction with the budget law also revealed by street demonstrations and protests expressed via social media is a clear alarm bell for the government.
Despite the ongoing electoral campaign, especially now that we are heading towards the European elections in June, Giorgia Meloni has decided to implement a budget law that she herself has defined as "prudent, responsible and realistic".
Moreover, the general macro-economic context does not seem to allow much room for maneuver for the government, especially now that the Stability Pact has come back into vogue in 2024 and is very binding for our country even in its new version.
In essence, if the 2024 budget law may have disappointed in some way because it is not very expansive, in the future the situation could worsen with Italy called not only to keep its accounts in order, but also to make at least 10 billion in spending cuts.
year to try to reduce the public debt.

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