Italian Budget Law 2024

Imu, the third installment of February arrives, who has to pay it?

In the 2024 Budget Law, the third IMU installment is inserted with an amendment, expiring in February 2024.
An extension of the deadlines given to the Municipalities to communicate the IMU rates to be applied is foreseen for 2023 only.
This could result in a retroactive increase in the tax payable for many taxpayers.
The third installment would fall in February 2024.
This is what an amendment to the 2024 budget law provides.
Here are the details of the third Imu installment in February.
Imu 2023, the third installment appears The Imu is the single municipal tax applied to properties (excluding the first home if not luxury), building areas and agricultural land.
It is generally paid in two instalments, the first, expiring in June, is calculated by the taxpayer based on the rates set, for the previous year, by the Municipality in which the property is located.
The first installment is paid at 50%.
The second installment expires on December 16th (for 2023 the deadline is postponed to December 18th as the 16th is a Saturday).
The second installment must be calculated by applying the rates set by the Municipality and sent, by 14 October of each year, to the MEF for publication on the website.
Municipalities that decide to change the rates must adopt the resolution and communicate it to the Ministry of Economy which must publish it on the website by October 28th of each year.
In the event that no resolution is communicated, the rates of the previous year are considered extended.
This is the general rule.
With an amendment to the 2024 budget law, however, it was established that the regulatory resolutions and approval of the rates and tariffs inserted in the fiscal federalism portal by 30 November 2023 are considered timely.
The deadline for the publication of the resolutions inserted in the pursuant to the previous period, for the purposes of acquiring their effectiveness, it is set at 15 January 2024 read also IMU exemption for occupied properties is definitive, the conditions and clarifications By when must the third IMU installment be paid? This implies that in around 200 Municipalities that have not managed to approve the resolutions with the IMU rates within the deadlines, taxpayers may be required to pay a third adjustment instalment.
In this regard, the approved amendment provides that the positive difference between the single municipal tax paid by 18 December 2023 and that due based on the new rates must be paid, without interest and without penalties, by 29 February 2024.
If the balance is negative, i.e.
in the event that the Municipality has decided to reduce the rate, the reimbursement of the excess is due according to the ordinary rules.
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