Italian Budget Law 2024

Paycheck between 1,500 and 2,000 euros, here's how much it will increase in 2024

Barring surprises, it is now clear which bonuses will be applied to the paycheck starting from 2024: on the one hand the contribution relief which will be confirmed for the whole year in the current measure, and on the other the Irpef reform which will also guarantee a saving on taxes after saving on contributions.
Everything will be formalized with the 2024 budget law which will be approved next week by the Council of Ministers, but today we can already make estimates on how much the salary will increase thanks to the new measures.
In particular we want to focus on paychecks with a gross amount between 1,500 and 2,000 euros, clarifying what the increases could be recognized by the maneuver with which there will be a further cut in the tax wedge, i.e.
the difference that exists between gross and net salary.
How paychecks increase Let's summarize what will be the measures that will intervene to reduce the tax wedge: on the one hand the contribution relief which for those with a gross salary of up to 1,923 euros is 7%, above this threshold but below the 2,692 euros drops to 6%; on the other, the Irpef cut, as a rate of 23% will also be applied to the second bracket (instead of 25%) as for the first.
Consequently there will be a saving of 2% for the portion of income between 15 thousand and 28 thousand euros.
For salaries, measures such as the flat rate tax of 5% (instead of 10%) on productivity bonuses should be confirmed, as well as the tax relief on fringe benefits for those with children.
But since these are measures that will in fact depend on the will of the employer, free to recognize or not a "bonus" to his employee, we will not talk about them in this space.
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At this point we can analyze the consequences for salaries.
First of all, it is necessary to clarify: the most attentive will have noticed that the contribution relief is foreseen in the same amount applied this year, which means that there are no consequences between the December salary and the one that will be recognized in January.
True, as is the fact that in 2023 the relief as applied today was only introduced in July, while in the first half of the year it was 3% and 2% respectively.
Confirmation in the current measure will thus lead to a greater overall increase than that perceived this year, although workers apparently may not realize it.
Let's take for example a salary of 1,538 euros, 20,000 euros a year: in 2024 this person will earn a total of 998 euros from the contribution relief (equal to 7%), approximately 307 euros more than this year.
We then add the effects of the Irpef cut, for which you save 2% on 5,000 euros (the amount between 15,000 and 20,000 euros): therefore another 100 euros in total.
In total, compared to last year, this results in an increase of approximately 400 euros more.
Now let's take a salary of 1,730 euros, 22,500 euros of annual income: the overall profit generated by the overall relief will be 1,123 euros, 345 euros more than last year.
To be added another 150 euros guaranteed by the Irpef cut.
And again, a salary of 1,923 euros, 25,000 euros, which as seen above is the maximum threshold for enjoying a relief of 7% instead of 6%: in this case the savings generated by the lower share of contributions is 1,248 euros, 384 euro compared to 2023 and with an additional 200 euro also adding the consequences of the Irpef reform.
Above 2,000 euros the relief is lower but the profit still remains considerable: for a salary of 2,115 euros (27,500 euros per year), in fact, you are entitled to 1,177 euros, 422 euros compared to this year and another 250 euros from the Irpef reform.

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