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2024 purchasing card, new requirements and forms for the 80 euro bonus

Purchasing Card 2024, the requirements for support have been updated – not to be confused with the Card Dedicated to you – which is available to children under 3 years of age or to people who are over 65 years of age.
To be entitled to the Shopping Card you don't just look at the composition of the family unit.
In fact, you must stay within a certain ISEE limit, which is updated every year as it is subject to revaluation based on inflation.
In this regard, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has announced the new ISEE thresholds within which to request support.
In the meantime, the personal income limit also changes, but applies only to those who have reached the age of 65.
The forms to be used to apply for a shopping card at Poste Italiane offices have also changed.
You can find them updated in this guide, where we will focus on all the news for the Purchasing Card starting from the requirements to benefit from it.
Purchasing Card 2024 What it is and how it works Where it can be used General requirements ISEE and income How to apply What it is and how it works As suggested by the name, the Purchasing Card – also known as Social card – is an electronic card (similar to a ATM or a PostePay), which can be used by the beneficiary to pay for essential expenses and services.
Recognized by Legislative Decree no.
112 of 2008, is available to families with children under 3 years of age and to elderly people aged 65 or over in particular conditions of economic hardship.
The monthly amount is 40 euros, but the credit takes place every 2 months; this is why we talk about an 80 euro bonus.
Furthermore, those who present the Social card at the shops that have joined the initiative can access special discounts and promotions.
Where it can be used Recipients of the contribution can use the 80 euros loaded onto the card every two months to make purchases at: food shops; supermarkets; pharmacies; parapharmacies.
Alternatively, with the money on the card you can pay electricity and gas bills (at post offices).
General requirements To request the purchasing card in question, the following requirements must be met.
Starting from citizenship: holders of Italian citizenship or of a state belonging to the European Union; family member of an Italian citizen, not having the citizenship of a member state of the European Union, holder of the right of residence or the right of permanent residence; family member of an EU citizen, not having the citizenship of a Member State of the European Union, holder of the right of residence or the right of permanent residence; or foreign citizen in possession of the EC residence permit for long-term residents; political refugee or holder of a subsidiary position; citizens regularly registered in the Resident Population Registry (municipal registry); Furthermore, you must not be the owner or holder of: more than one domestic electricity user (even if not domestic); more than two gas users; more than two motor vehicles; more than one property for residential use (with a share greater than or equal to 25%); properties not for residential use (with a share greater than or equal to 10%); movable assets exceeding 15,000 euros.
In the case of those over 65 only, they are not required to benefit from food insured by the State or other public administrations as they are hospitalized in a long-term care institution or detained in a penal institution.
ISEE and income Both for those applying for a child under 3 years old and for those over 65, you must have an ISEE not exceeding 8,052.75 euros, a value updated on 1 January 2024.
In the case of over 65s there are also income requirements .
The total amount of income received must not exceed 8,052.75 euros, a limit which for those aged 75 and over rises to 10,737 euros.
How to apply Anyone who meets the requirements can apply for the Purchasing Card using the form prepared by the Mef.
Attention: those who have obtained the Card in previous years do not need to apply again.
In fact, the benefit will continue to be paid, provided that the requirements are met (for this reason it will be necessary to request the ISEE 2024 as soon as possible).
The application, therefore, must be sent by anyone who was not a recipient as of 31 December 2023.
For these, the forms to download, fill in and sign are as follows: The aforementioned forms are also available at post offices.
Once completed, the application form must be presented at a post office authorized to receive.
Together with the application, you will need to present the following documents: original and a photocopy of an identity document; valid ISEE form, also in photocopy, relating to the beneficiary; original of the identity document of the possible delegated person.
After making the application and in the case of acceptance, a communication will be delivered to the indicated residence address with an invitation to go to an authorized post office to collect the electronic purchasing card.
The credit of the first two monthly payments due will already be available on the card, therefore 80 euros, from the date of submission of the application.

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