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Psychologist bonus 2023 doubles, all the news

Psychologist bonus with doubled funds for 2023.
The Advances decree provides for a further 5 million euros to be added to the 5 million initially allocated for this year.
Suffice it to say that with the resources initially foreseen only 8 thousand requests could be satisfied and that in 2022 the requests received to benefit from the benefit were 400 thousand.
Clearly the funds allocated for 2023 would not have been sufficient to satisfy many requests and for this very reason, with the amendment presented to the Advances Decree, additional coverage of a further 5 million made available by ministerial funds is expected.
The funds available, in 2023, for the psychologist bonus will become 10 million, funds which are, in any case, more than halved compared to last year.
The instructions for requesting it for the amount spent during this year have not yet been made known, but what is known is that the amount varies based on the ISEE according to the following scheme: with ISEE up to 15,000 euros you are entitled to a bonus of 1,500 euros (to be spent up to a maximum of 50 euros per session); for Isee between 15,000 and 30,000 euros you are entitled to a benefit of 1,000 euros (always up to 50 euros per session) for Isee above 30,000 euros you are entitled to a total bonus of 500 euros which covers a maximum of 10 sessions (50 euros per session as a maximum expense).How many will be entitled to the 2023 psychologist bonus? Although the instructions and methods for requesting the 2023 psychologist bonus have not yet been disclosed, it is conceivable that, like last year, it must be requested online directly on the INPS website.
For many, precisely because of the smaller resources compared to last year, there is a risk of being excluded from the benefit.
In the best case scenario, in fact, the psychologist bonus, considering the various ISEE bands, could be granted to no more than 16,000 applicants.
In fact, it should be considered that in 2022 around 40,000 applications were accepted with 25 million euros allocated.
This year, with funds of 10 million euros and with the maximum ceiling due to each applicant more than doubled, the pool of those who will be able to benefit from the bonus is destined to be reduced twice (once due to the lower funds and once due to the higher amount of the benefit).

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