Assignment of one fifth of the pension, up to what age can you request the loan

Up to what age is it possible to request a loan through a salary-secured loan? According to government indications, the limit is 90 years and this means that the salary transfer can be applied to the pension no later than 90 years of age.
However, some banks limit this possibility to 85 years.
While the minimum age is 18, the margin is less clear due to the seniority limit.
Banks have greater discretionary power, i.e.
they can limit the transfer of the fifth (last installment to be paid) up to the 85th year of age.
In other contexts, however, this limit is raised to reach 87 or 90 years.
Obtaining a loan with the last installment between the ages of 80 and 90 is not easy, but not only due to the age limit.
In fact, there could be other reasons that cause the refusal of the transfer of one fifth of the pension, such as a pension allowance that is too low.
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In fact, let us remember that the salary-secured loan is a personal loan with a monthly installment deducted directly from the salary or pension.
In fact, public, private and state employees and pensioners can request it, as long as they are guaranteed an adequate standard of living.
This places the first limit on the salary transfer, which is confirmed to the applicant who does not have a pension with a minimum salary and therefore at risk.
The maximum amount of the salary transfer generally cannot exceed 20% of the net monthly salary.
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The legislation provides for the transfer of a part of the pension, up to a maximum of one fifth of the amount (net of withholdings) and within a maximum repayment period of 10 years (120 months).
You are also required to take out a life insurance policy.
The maximum age must take into account the age of the applicant at the end of the loan.
For example: if they have not yet turned 80-81 years of age, they can request a salary-backed loan for a maximum duration of 10 years, but if they have not yet turned 86 years old, they can request a salary-backed loan for only 5 years (i.e.
until reaching 90-91 years of age).
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Added to these entities are Poste Italiane, with the maximum age of 84 years and compulsory insurance paid by the institution that provides the loan, and Findomestic.

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