Italian Budget Law 2024

Budget law 2024, the approval is a mystery: pension issue, coverage is being sought

When will the 2024 budget law be approved? If until a few weeks ago the path of the financial maneuver seemed destined to proceed quickly, now there is a new stop in Parliament with the consequent postponement of the time for reaching the Senate.
By decision of the government it was established that the parliamentary discussion of the 2024 budget law will begin from Palazzo Madama: after two postponements, the arrival in the Chamber has been scheduled for 12 to 15 December.
Now, however, a new stop has arrived, with the passage to the Senate having been postponed to December 18th by decision of the conference of group leaders.
The reason for these longer times than expected is easy to say: the executive has not yet presented the texts of four amendments which concern as many delicate topics: pensions, security, local authorities and investments.
In theory, the 2024 budget law was illustrated as "armored" at the behest of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, with the majority not presenting amendments while the opposition filed 2,600 which will begin to be examined by the budget commission from December 11th : their fate, however, appears to be sealed, that of ending up in the proverbial wastebasket.
However, the majority included some adjustments to the 2024 Budget law in the Advances decree, while the more substantial changes were summarized in four amendments which, however, have yet to see the light.
“The majority – attacked the group leader of the Democratic Party Francesco Boccia -, which should have been cohesive, for the third time in a row moved the budget law to the chamber.
We are willing to bet that it will be further postponed.
They are not ready, they are divided on everything, we are very worried." But what are the problems that the budget law is encountering? According to what has emerged in the last few hours, the most complicated issue to resolve is – it goes without saying – that relating to pensions, given that Palazzo Tesoro is still looking for the coverage necessary to meet the complaints of the healthcare personnel who in recent days have went on strike against the move.
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“The revision of the criteria for calculating pensions for healthcare personnel, a long-awaited rule – Minister Ciriani then went into more detail -.
The coverage of the union agreement with the armed and police forces.
In addition, the government will allocate an additional fund for the special regions that have been penalized with the renewal of Irpef withholdings.
Then there will be a fund for ordinary ones to compensate for increases in energy costs.
Therefore, an intervention on investments is expected, with a redetermination of the costs of the Bridge over the Strait, and then on the subject of roads and motorways".
These are the themes present in the four amendments that the government is apparently trying to put down in black and white, with the greatest difficulties being encountered in the provision concerning pensions.
In recent days, doctors have gone on strike – with very high membership according to the category acronyms – to contest the reduction of social security benefits starting from the next few years.
The government would like to accommodate the category but at the moment the necessary money to review the provision included in the Budget law has not yet been found.
“The most important front is that of doctors' pensions – added the minister Luca Ciriani -.
I spoke with Minister Giorgetti, they are still working on it.
We hope that it will be ready quickly." If initially Giorgia Meloni would have ruled out any possibility of amendment to the 2024 budget law – especially containing an increase in expenses -, the only exception could be this regarding doctors' pensions, with the technicians of via XX Settembre now at work to try to have the necessary coverage emerge from somewhere: until the white smoke arrives the text will not reach the Senate, with the approval of the maneuver which at this point should be postponed until after Christmas.
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