Italian Budget Law 2024

Pensions, the news of the Budget law on old age pension, women's option and social Ape

The government has approved the text of the 2024 budget law within which there is also a package reserved for pensions.
Not a real reform, but rather a series of measures that intervene on flexibility, amounts and future pensions without however distorting the Fornero law.
What is being overturned is Opzione Donna which becomes part of a new measure which also includes the Social Ape.
There is also news for the old-age pension, from which the requirement hitherto required of those who, having started working after 1 January 1996, have their pension calculated directly with the contributory scheme is eliminated.
Let's see what the new features of the pension reform financed by the budget are and what their impact will be on the rules for retirement.
Pension reform budget law 2024 The pension reform point by point Confirmation Quota 103 New Social Ape and Women's Option Old-age pension Increase in minimum pensions Revaluation cut Future pensions, incentives for supplementary pension The pension reform point by point As anticipated, there are three the areas of intervention: flexibility, allowing some categories to be able to access their pension early; amounts, increasing minimum pensions and evaluating a new revaluation cut; future pensions, providing for measures aimed at increasing the possibility that future checks will benefit from a greater amount than expected under the contributory rules.
For each area there are many certainties and some doubts which will only be clarified with the publication of the text of the maneuver in the Official Journal.
Confirmation Quota 103 But let's go into the details of the reform and start from what is not a surprise: having noted the difficulties of approving a pension reform that could contribute to overcoming the Fornero law, the government preferred to play it safe by confirming a measure that in 2023 is enjoying some success: Quota 103, allowing for another year access to the pension with 41 years of contributions and 62 years of age (but with a series of limitations, such as receiving a pension not exceeding a certain theshold).
New Ape Sociale and Opzione Donna Ape Sociale and Opzione Donna merge into a new measure.
In detail, early retirement will be allowed to those who at the age of 63 have accrued at least: 36 years of contributions if unemployed, disabled, burdensome, caregiver; 35 years of contributions if women.
In fact, a notable change compared to the past, given that for the Social Ape 30 years of contributions were sufficient to retire (except for the burdensome for whom 36 were required), while for Option Donna the age requirement could be lowered to at 58 years old.
Old-age pension There is also news for the old-age pension, which can now be accessed at 67 years of age and with 20 years of contributions.
These requirements will not change in 2024, but the condition according to which pure contributors (those with a contribution period after 1 January 1996) can access them only if they have an allowance equal to or greater than 1.5 times the Social Allowance will no longer apply.
Increase in minimum pensions As in 2023, next year there will also be a further increase in minimum pensions.
As regards those under 75, there is no doubt that from an extraordinary revaluation of 1.5% we will move to one of 2.7%: also considering the adjustment with the cost of living expected in January we should arrive like this at around 615 euros.
However, the extent of the increase reserved for the over 75s should be evaluated: in 2023 it was equal to 6.4%, it is possible that this year it will be higher by raising the minimum up to at least 670 euros.
Cut to the revaluation Another doubt concerns the possibility that the Meloni government may have cut the revaluation again beyond a certain amount.
Already with the last budget, a mechanism was approved that made the revaluation for checks above a certain threshold less convenient, with 2.5 billion euros saved.
In light of still very high inflation (the estimated rate is 5.4%), there could be a further cut in order to recover the resources necessary to complete the maneuver.
Future pensions, incentives for supplementary pensions It is common opinion that to defuse the bomb on future pensions, which risk being very low due to the full application of the contributory regime, we need to focus more on the second social security pillar.
In this regard, a first intervention in this direction is to provide for the crediting of severance pay directly into the pension fund, unless the worker communicates otherwise.
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