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Lowest Rai license fee since 2024, the new amounts and how it will be paid

The process to say goodbye to the Rai license fee in the bill will begin in 2024, the announcement comes from the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini.
The Council of Ministers was convened for the morning of 16 October 2023 to approve the budget for 2024.
Many confirmations came from the subsequent press conference, including the cutting of the tax wedge and the reduction of Irpef rates, but not only, in fact, there is also a measure aimed at exceeding the Rai license fee in the energy bill.
What did Salvini say about cutting the Rai license fee in the Bill in 2024? Will the Rai license fee still be on the bill in 2024? Minister Matteo Salvini announced the exceeding of the Rai license fee collected from the energy bill.
The Rai license fee enters the bill from 1 January 2016 with the aim of reducing tax evasion linked to this tax.
This measure has always been opposed as it leads to an increase in the bill.
Internal criticism has also been joined by that of the European Union, which has always underlined the need to have transparent energy bills in which there must be no costs not linked to energy consumption (improper charges).
Italy has always defended itself by arguing that in reality the cost of the Rai license fee in the bill was clearly highlighted and separated from other costs and consequently is not affected by this collection method.
Despite this, the Meloni government has aimed to eliminate the collection from the bill since taking office and the announcement came from the conference of the Council of Ministers for the presentation of the 2024 budget.
read also 2024 Budget Law approved, draft text with all the news of the maneuver How will the Rai license fee be paid in 2024? Matteo Salvini said there will be an initial intervention on the Rai license fee which will be cut from the taxpayers' bill.
Many thought that the Rai license fee would come out of the energy bill.
Minister Salvini, responding to a specific question from the journalists present, however specified that for 2024 the fee will not be separated from the energy bill and that we are moving towards gradually overcoming this measure.
From 2024, citizens will be able to benefit from a 25% cut in the fee on their bills, which means that every two months there will no longer be a charge of 18 euros on the energy bill, but a charge of 15 euros.
This means that at the end of the year you will pay 70 euros and not 90 euros.
From the initial announcement at the press conference it seemed that in reality the Rai license fee was completely separated from the energy bill.

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