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What do Fagioli, Tonali, Zaniolo and the other players risk for calcioscommesse

Serie A football betting scandal: Nicolò Fagioli (Juventus), Sandro Tonali (Newcastle) and Nicolò Zaniolo (West Ham) are under investigation and now risk a minimum 3-year disqualification, thus compromising their careers.
And they are not the only ones: according to the news circulating in recent hours, in total there are at least 10 names that the investigators are investigating as they were present in the chats seized from Nicolò Fagioli.
It is therefore legitimate to ask what Fagioli, Tonali, Zaniolo, and the other players who may be involved in the investigation risk, should the accusations against them be confirmed, as well as what the consequences could be for the clubs with which they are registered.
From fine to disqualification, without forgetting the criminal consequences given that the accusation, at least the one brought against Fagioli, also concerns having bet on illegal sites.
Let's take stock of the situation by analyzing all the implications of the football betting affair which apparently still has a lot to say.
What are the accusations? Let's start by understanding what the accusations are: at least for the moment there doesn't seem to be any hypothesis of match-fixing: therefore, no match-fixing, which effectively protects the clubs from serious sanctions from a sporting point of view.
The investigators of the Turin prosecutor's office, in fact, are investigating some illegal betting sites to which some footballers have also turned, including Nicolò Fagioli.
It is worth remembering, in fact, that in Italy it is a crime to both organize and participate in gambling activities not recognized at a national level.
From here we also start to evaluate any violations of sporting justice.
If in the criminal field it is not relevant which disciplines the footballers bet on, as the violation only concerns having used the illegal platform, this is not the case for sports justice as there is an absolute ban on betting on the sport that it is practiced.
Therefore, no bets on football for all competitions organized by FIFA, UEFA and FIGC.
The Sports Code also establishes that those who become aware of a violation of the rules prohibiting football betting must promptly report it to the authorities.
The Federal Prosecutor's Office will therefore also have to investigate this aspect, ascertaining the possible responsibility of the other teammates or any member.
What Fagioli, Tonali, Zaniolo and the other players investigated for football betting risk It must be said that for now it is Nicolò Fagioli's position that is the clearest: as explained by the Juventus midfielder's lawyers, in fact, it was he himself who reported himself to the Prosecutor's Office federal government confirming that he had "also bet on the matches".
However, the position of Tonali and Zaniolo needs to be evaluated, as there has been no confirmation from the two and the implications of the investigation are not even clear.
Let's therefore generically analyze what a footballer risks who bets on matches (without combining them).
In the criminal field, if he had done so on an illegal site, there would be a sanction for participation in gambling (article 720 of the Criminal Code), punishable by imprisonment for up to 6 months and a fine of up to 516 euros.
However, the penalty may increase for those who have bet large sums.
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Article 24 of the Sports Justice Code, in fact, "prohibits placing or accepting bets, directly or indirectly, even from parties authorized to receive them, which have as their object results relating to official matches organized within the FIGC, FIFA and UEFA", punishing transgressors with a disqualification of no less than 3 years and a fine of no less than 25,000 euros.
However, members who have become aware of the aforementioned violation in any way and have not informed the Federal Prosecutor's Office risk the sanction of inhibition or disqualification of no less than 6 months and a fine of no less than 15 thousand euros.
What companies risk Companies only risk where direct liability is established.
In this case the possible sanctions are: penalization of one or more points in the ranking; if the penalty on the score is ineffective in terms of affliction in the current sports season, it will be served, in whole or in part, in the following sports season; relegation to the last place in the standings of the relevant championship or of any other compulsory competitive competition; relegation to last place still involves moving to the lower category; exclusion from the relevant championship or from any other compulsory competitive competition, with assignment by the Federal Council to one of the lower category championships; non-assignment or revocation of the assignment of the title of Italian champion or winner of the championship, the relevant group or official competition.
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