Italian Budget Law 2024

Bridge over the Strait, Salvini rejoices: the stratagem for maneuvering coverage

The bridge over the Strait of Messina is in the 2024 budget law.
The announcement was made by Matteo Salvini, with the Minister of Infrastructure who did not want to miss the conference that followed the approval of the maneuver by the Council of Ministers.
“After weeks of empty chatter and reasoning by various analysts – explained a beaming Salvini -, I can say that there is coverage for the stable connection from Sicily to Italy and Europe”.
Matteo Salvini then wanted to underline how "there is full coverage for 12 billion, now we will have discussions with the EIB, but here we go".
A few weeks ago the minister and deputy prime minister went so far as to state that "the timetable is following all the foreseen stages, therefore the commitment to open the construction sites on both banks by summer 2024 is a commitment that we are absolutely in the right place at the moment capable of maintaining".
To keep the promise, however, coverage was needed to be included in the 2024 budget law, a measure totaling almost 24 billion that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni defined as "serious and realistic".
Out of the total 24 billion of the budget law, almost half will consequently be absorbed by the bridge over the Strait of Messina? Absolutely not, given that the government resorted to a small stratagem in the maneuver with the help of the Sicily Region.
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When will the work start? Bridge over the Strait of Messina: how the government found cover Matteo Salvini after being attacked for his announcements regarding the bridge over the Strait of Messina, wanted to remove a few proverbial pebbles from his shoe during the press conference "paper sings, now someone will have to apologize." The mechanism with which the necessary coverage for the bridge over the Strait of Messina was allocated in the 2024 budget law – 12 billion – was explained by the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti.
“Like all public works – underlined Giorgetti -, the Bridge is financed for the entire amount, which is 12 billion in the multi-year projection.
The first three installments to rise are allocated over the first three years.
The temporal location is affected by the timing, which we realistically expect to unfold: they are mainly concentrated in 2025 and 2026".
At the same time as the Council of Ministers, the Sicily Region also approved a 1.2 billion investment for the work: "The investment will allow Sicily to participate with a 10 percent share in the construction of the infrastructure that will connect the Island to Calabria”.
This is money that Sicily has allocated "with one billion euros coming from resources of the new programming of the Development and Cohesion Fund (FSC) 2021-2027, and with a further 200 million resulting from savings relating to national resources for the 2014-2020 cycle not more expenses." Now that the financing is available, the last obstacle to overcome before the opening of the construction sites would be that of bureaucracy: in the coming months, in fact, positive assessments regarding the environmental impact will be needed and then the general one on the entire executive project.

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