Italian Budget Law 2024

Flurry of taxes arriving from January 1, 2024, here's who they will hit

The draft of the Budget Law has been made public and reading it, what stands out, in addition to the support measures envisaged, are the cuts and micro taxes that will serve to recover part of the coverage necessary to finance the budget.
The cut in the tax wedge is very important and will help medium-low incomes, together with the merging of the first two Irpef rates, to see their purchasing power increase.
The measures aimed at encouraging the birth rate were also excellent, even if the initial ideas were followed by modifications that reduced them somewhat (again due to coverage problems).
To finance all this aid, however, the state coffers do not have enough funds, and micro taxes are on the way to find the missing 8 billion euros: nappies and cigarettes as well as rent are also targeted for increases.
read also Paycheck bonus, the new amounts with confirmation of the contribution relief (the tables) All the taxes to finance the maneuver There will be many micro increases that will affect part of the population.
Each of these taxes, therefore, is intended only for a portion of citizens, such as that on the flat rate tax for short-term rentals or the taxation of earnings deriving from work carried out with the Superbonus.
However, there are also increases in tobacco excise duties which will affect all smokers and increases are also expected for diapers (and this seems to clash a bit with the path taken by the Government to support the family and the birth rate).
On the other hand, however, medium-low incomes will be able to count on valid financed aid for next year, among which we recall the most important: the extension of the tax wedge cut and the merging of the first two Irpef rates and the related brackets.
read also How the Irpef changes in the pay slip and how much more you earn in 2024 The mini tax on the house Increases the dry tax on short-term rentals from 21% to 26%.
Leases under 30 days, even for those who rent a room with Airbnb, will have higher taxation.
Not even the first home rented with short contracts is saved from the increase.
For those who have decided to rent a house with this type of rent, the price increases for 2024 should be around 850 euros.
The dry tax, in case of use of platforms such as Airbnb, will be withheld directly at the source.
Still with regards to increases for the home, it is also worth mentioning the increase in the tax on properties held abroad by those residing in Italy, which rises from 0.76% to 1.06%.
Taxation on the superbonus The profits from renovating houses with the 110% superbonus will be taxed at 26%.
This is what the Budget Law provides for those who have renovated a house thanks to the Superbonus.
Because if it is a second home and you decide to resell it, a tax of 26% will be applied to the real estate capital gain.
Today the tax in question applies only if you decide to sell the property within five years of purchase; however, if this time frame is exceeded, it is not due.
The maneuver applies the same criterion on second homes renovated with the Superbonus: if the works were finished less than 5 years ago, the capital gain will be taxed at 26%, otherwise it is not due.
Another novelty is that in the case of sale before 5 years the 26% taxation will not be discounted by the price of the incentivized works (as is done in the case of renovations) also because the works were carried out with financing from the State and they cost the owner nothing.
Increases in diapers and baby products Among other things, there is bad news for families with children because the VAT cut on baby products is not confirmed and this, in fact, translates into a missed discount which brings to a price increase.
Likewise, the VAT discount for the purchase of sanitary napkins (tampon tax) is not confirmed.
These products will retain the 10% VAT and the justification given by the Prime Minister in this regard is that the increase in prices following the surge in inflation has canceled out this benefit in any case and extending it would not bring a real advantage to the families.
Increases in cigarettes To finance the measure, excise duties on tobacco will also increase in 2024 and for this reason it is very likely that the costs of cigarettes and tobacco will increase.
The measure that will lead to establishing the real increase in cigarette costs has not yet been developed, but we will certainly know more by the end of 2023.
In any case, among the estimates and projections made, we are talking about an increase varying from 20 to 40 cents to product.
The increase in excise duties on tobacco is also aimed at partly financing the Budget Law and should cover the approximately 48 million in lost revenue.
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