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Who is Giuliano Amato and how much does he earn, head of the commission on AI in the publishing field

In recent times there has been a lot of talk about Giuliano Amato, first as a possible President of the Republic and then for not having admitted three of the eight referendums presented as President of the Constitutional Court.
Now, however, he is being talked about for his new role: the Meloni government has appointed him as head of the commission on artificial intelligence in the publishing field, although there would appear to be some divisions within the majority over this choice.
In truth, Amato is one of the longest-serving figures on the Italian political scene, having been prime minister and minister several times in recent decades before joining the Council.
But who is Giuliano Amato? Let's see the biography, salary and earnings of one of the most important political figures in the recent history of our politics, capable of adapting perfectly when we moved from the first to the second Republic.
The biography of Giuliano Amato Enclosing Giuliano Amato's biography in just a few lines is a very complicated undertaking.
Born in Turin on 13 May 1938, married with two children, after a degree in Law and a master's degree at the Law School of Columbia University in New York, he began his academic career as a professor of comparative constitutional law.
His political career began way back in 1983 when he was elected deputy for the first time from the ranks of the Italian Socialist Party, and was then reconfirmed in Montecitorio uninterruptedly until 1994.
Subsequently in 2011 he became a senator for the Ulivo, to then return to the Chamber in the following legislature where, however, he remained for only two years.
In this long political career, Giuliano Amato was Prime Minister twice, minister four times and vice president of the Council of Ministers once.
In 2013 he was appointed judge of the Constitutional Court by the then President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, becoming vice president of the Council in 2020 and president in 2022.
In the past he was also president of the Competition and Market Authority from 1994 to 1997.
With such a CV, Giuliano Amato has often been talked about as a possible President of the Republic: in 2015 his transfer to Colle seemed like a done deal but, in the end, it was Sergio Mattarella who prevailed, with history which then repeated itself also in 2022.
Now Amato has had to "settle" for the appointment as head of the commission on artificial intelligence in the publishing field which, as Wired reports, will have the task of "evaluating the risks and opportunities that the application of intelligence artificial can have in the publishing market and journalism".
Salary and earnings In 2015 the journalist Gianni Dragoni spoke about Giuliano Amato's dues as follows: “When Napolitano appointed him judge of the Constitutional Court, in September 2013, Amato received 31,000 euros gross per month: 22,000 as a pension for the various roles carried out in his career and 9,000 in annuity as a former parliamentarian".
Dragoni then added that Amato "donates the annuity to charity" and that his salary "has been reduced by 97,000 euros gross per year to 360,000 euros gross, equal to 12,618.22 net per month".
After a controversy with the journalist Mario Giordano, Giuliano Amato on La7 declared that he receives a monthly pension of 11,000 euros net, with the former Prime Minister having decided to suspend the allowance since he became a judge of the Constitutional Court.
As regards the tax return, an article in Il Giornale indicates that Giuliano Amato had an income in 2005 of "over 420,000 euros, for a tax payment of approximately 172,000 euros".
In an article in La Repubblica dated February 2011, regarding Giuliano Amato's tax return for the year 2000, a taxable income equal to 607.5 million of the old lire is indicated.
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