Italian Budget Law 2024

Electricity and gas bonuses, here are the new official amounts from January 2024

The 2024 Budget Law introduced changes regarding bill bonuses intended for families in economic and physical hardship.
The bill bonus expires as we saw it in 2023 with an enhanced version.
The ISEE requirements necessary to access the bonus have changed.
If in 2023 the bill bonus was increased to help people in a period of crisis, this will no longer be the case in the new year.
Already at the beginning of the year, Arera announced the stop of the 5% VAT on gas and the return to a rate between 10 and 22%.
The elimination of general system charges for methane also expired at the end of 2023.
Bill bonuses confirmed but with different requirements and amounts.
Electricity and gas bonus: the new requirements and amounts for 2024 If in 2023 the electricity and gas bonuses were due to families with ISEE up to €15,000 or with ISEE not exceeding €30,000, but with at least four dependent children, today the 2024 bonus sees the ISEE limit reduced to €9,530 or up to €20,000 for families with at least four dependent children.
This means fewer beneficiaries of the measure.
In addition to income, recipients of the new inclusion allowance and families in conditions of physical hardship, or in which there is at least one member who requires electro-medical equipment to keep alive, are also entitled to the bonus.
Only for the first quarter of 2024, for electricity bills only, the ISEE requirements will continue to be those of last year.
Families with fewer than 4 dependent children and an ISEE of less than €9,530 will receive the full amount of the bonus.
Those with ISEE between 9,530 and 15,000 euros will benefit from the bonus at a reduced rate of 80%.
As for the amounts, Arera has not yet disclosed the official tables which illustrate in detail the value of the measure for the first quarter of 2024.
To get an idea we can base ourselves on the amounts paid in the last quarter of 2023.
For families with ISEE up to 9,530 euros: €120.45 in the quarter with 1-2 dependent children; €149.65 in the quarter with 3-4 dependent children; €167.90 in the quarter with more than 4 dependent children.
For Isee above €9,530 the measure is recognized at 80%: €96.36 in the quarter with 1-2 dependent children; €119.72 in the quarter with 3-4 dependent children; €134.32 in the quarter with more than 4 dependent children.
How to request it The electricity and gas bonus is automatically recognized to families in financial difficulty who have submitted the DSU (Single Substitutive Declaration) to INPS to obtain of the ISEE.
In cases of family events entitled to relief for physical discomfort, it is necessary to submit an application to the municipality of residence of the owner of the supply or to the Caf.
An ASL certificate must be attached to the application, certifying the presence of a serious health condition and the need to use electro-medical equipment for life support.
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