The capture of San Pietro by Rutilio Manetti, how much it is worth and why it was seized from Vittorio Sgarbi

The story of Vittorio Sgarbi and the painting seized in one of his homes which was allegedly stolen in 2013 from its legitimate owners has been taking center stage in recent days.
A painting of great historical and economic value attributed to the Sienese painter Rutilio Manetti.
The canvas has a different detail compared to the original stolen one.
For those who investigate, the detail would have been added precisely to discourage any connections.
For Vittorio Sgarbi, however, the original painting is his, while the one stolen in 2013 was a copy.
Let's see what painting it is and how much it is worth.
The capture of Saint Peter by Rutilio Manetti: how much it is worth The painting called «The capture of Saint Peter» is considered one of the most important works by the Sienese painter Rutilio Manetti, who lived between the 16th and 17th centuries.
Before his death in 2013, it was exhibited at the Buriasco Castle.
It is a very valuable painting with an estimated value of between 200 and 300 thousand euros.
The dimensions are impressive, more than two meters per side and depicts the capture of Saint Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus and considered the founder of the Church.
In the painting Simon, known as Peter, is arrested by Roman soldiers before being crucified upside down, as tradition dictates.
The imposing dimensions offer the observer an image of great impact.
Particularly interesting is the use of light that the painter makes in his work.
If the painting is considered of great value and value, there are doubts about the origin of this work, especially after the discovery of an almost identical canvas in Vittorio Sgarbi's home.
Why the painting was seized As mentioned, traces of the canvas were lost in 2013 without ever being found again.
However, it has now appeared in the personal collection of the art critic and undersecretary of culture.
However, there is a difference between the canvas exhibited at the Buriasco Castle and the one found in Sgarbi's house.
The presence of a torch that wasn't there in the other painting.
For those investigating, the suspicion is that Sgarbi, in collaboration with other people, had the torch inserted to hinder its criminal origin and to attribute its authenticity to himself.
For Sgarbi, however, the original work is the one that belongs to his collection while the one exhibited until 2013 at the Buriasco Castle "is a bad copy".
"I will defend myself by all means against those who speculate on the matter and those who are complicit in it," he said.
According to Sgarbi, the canvas was found in the attic of Villa Maidalchina in Viterbo, a residence purchased by his mother, Rina Cavallini, in 2000.
A discovery that occurred by chance, says the critic, and which today belongs to the Cavallini-Sgarbi foundation.
After a series of investigations, the Financial Police entered one of the undersecretary's homes and seized the canvas.
The undersecretary spontaneously delivered the work as part of an act aimed at the necessary scientific verification.
«I spontaneously handed over the work so that all the necessary checks could be carried out, starting from the measurements of the painting compared to the frame of the stolen one.
I am absolutely at peace.
The seizure is a necessary act.
I have nothing to fear", his defense.
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