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Biden’s Clampdown on Critics: The Big Tech Censorship

The Tech Giants and the Censorship Controversy

Amazon, YouTube, Facebook – these are the common social platforms owned by the Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley, which in turn are in the hands of major American funds.
They have implemented a comprehensive censorship program against American citizens critical of the Biden administration.

The report titled “The Industrial Censorship Complex: How Biden’s White House Officials Forced Big Tech to Censor Americans, True Information, and Critics of the Biden Administration” was released by the House Judiciary Committee and Republican Representative Jim Jordan.

The Report Exposing Biden

Big Tech companies rely on the U.S.
security apparatus and the “military-industrial complex.” Despite them gaining increasing influence over the years, surpassing Big Oil and Big Tobacco in lobbying Congress, these companies pursue the interests of the U.S.
“deep state” and government agencies.
The detailed report released by Representative Jordan reveals a further step in this direction, exposing a disturbing mass censorship action against American citizens.

Censored Content and Suppressed Opinions

This is not a novelty.
Elon Musk’s Twitter Files have previously provided incendiary information about the Biden White House’s covert efforts to censor political opponents and inconvenient opinions.
For instance, just on the third day of the Biden administration, the White House sent an email to Twitter (now X) staff to request the removal of a tweet by Robert F.
Kennedy, Jr.
“as soon as possible.” This request not only targeted Kennedy but also all tweets on the same topic and of similar content.

As reported in Jordan’s document, Big Tech companies changed their content moderation policies following pressure from the Biden White House.
In March 2021, an Amazon employee sent an email to Bezos’ company staff explaining the reason for the new changes in Amazon’s content moderation policy, targeting books critical of the Biden administration sold on the platform.

In August 2021, an internal Facebook email explained why the company was developing and ultimately implementing new content moderation policies: “Facebook’s leadership has asked the Misinfo Policy to consider additional policy levers we can pull to be more aggressive against misinformation.
This comes from ongoing criticism of our approach by the Biden administration.” The issue is that, as revealed in the report, Biden’s White House censorship campaign targeted not only blatant “fake news” but also true information, satire, and other content that did not violate platform policies.

Contrary to their statements about combating “disinformation” and foreign interference, the Biden administration pressured companies to censor satire and legitimate opinions, even from authoritative experts.
All of this openly violates the First Amendment, which prohibits the government from “restricting freedom of speech.” And yet, would Donald Trump be the threat to American democracy?

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