Update of GPS substitute rankings 2024: how to increase your score

The update of the provincial rankings for substitute teachers (Gps) is expected in 2024, but how can the score be increased in the coming months? On the occasion of the GPS update, many teachers will be able to include the service provided in the last two years – we remind you that from 2020 the GPS update is every two years and no longer every three years as previously – an opportunity to climb the ranking and hope to obtain a substitute for their teaching in the chosen province.
The service provided in the two-year period 2022-2024 in itself already determines an increase in the score in the provincial rankings for substitute teachers, but there are also other ways to increase it.
Even those who will not have to update their scores, but who will be included in the substitute rankings for the first time, can take advantage of the next few months – in 2022 the reopening of the rankings took place in May – to earn some points.
The score, in fact, is not only acquired with the service, but also with cultural qualifications in addition to the GPS access qualification.
The same score obviously applies to the rankings of institutes in the same province.
So let's see how to increase the score in view of the 2024 GPS update.
Update of the GPS 2024 substitute rankings: how to increase the score with the service.
Teachers already present in the provincial rankings for substitutes, and consequently in the institute rankings, can update the score in 2024, thanks to the service carried out in the current two-year period obtained both from short and occasional substitutions and from annual substitutions.
The service for scoring purposes is valid even if the same is provided in private schools.
Depending on the days of substitute work, the teacher accumulates a certain score.
In detail: for a substitution ranging from 16 to 45 days 2 points are assigned; from 46 to 75 days 4 points are awarded; from 76 to 105 days 6 points are awarded; from 106 to 135 days 8 points; between 136 and 165 days the points assigned are 10; from 166 days you get the maximum, i.e.
12 points.
The score is halved if it is used to update the registration for a competition class of a different grade from the one in which one served.
To give an example: a teacher is registered in the GPS for two competitive classes, one relating to lower secondary school, one to upper secondary school.
He served for one year in the lower secondary school for his specific competition class and obtained 12 points.
With the update of the GPS, that score will be worth half, i.e.
6, for the competition class relating to secondary school.
The same applies if the service is provided in the support position, it will be worth half for the common position.
In the two-year period 2022-2024, a teacher may have accumulated at least 24 points, just for the service performed, if the recipient of an annual substitute from GPS.
24 points which can be even more if the same has obtained a short assignment for at least 16 continuous days before the assignment of the GPS substitution which can often arrive, as happens in the province of Rome, very late compared to the beginning of the year school and therefore also in October, November or even December, even sliding into January.
For new entries in the GPS the score is given only by the evaluation of the qualifications.
In itself, possessing the qualification necessary to enroll in the GPS gives a score which also depends on the final grade obtained.
In the case of a master's degree, for example, if the grade is lower than 76/110 you are entitled to 2 points.
For each grade above 76 a score corresponding to 0.5 is added up to a maximum of 33 points for the final grade of 110/110 with honors.
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Let's see in detail which are the main cultural qualifications that can be evaluated to increase the score in the GPS, remembering that it is advisable to consult the ministerial tables divided by order and level of education.
To increase the score in the rankings for GPS substitutes it is possible to: insert another qualification which does not give access to the specific competition class and which is worth 3 points; first level master's degree obtained which is worth 1 point; IT certifications worth 0.5 points up to a maximum of 2 cumulative points; language certifications that give from 3 to 6 points depending on the level (B2, C1 or C2); a Clil course, if you have a language certification, which gives 3 points; master classes for 1 point.
Any qualifications for teaching and research doctorates also count as qualifications which give points.
The specialization course for support activities, the Tfa, is also worth 9 points in the ranking for the competition class for a common place.
The score valid for the provincial rankings for substitute teachers, we reiterate, is the same for the institute rankings of the twenty schools chosen in the province of insertion.
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