Rivalutazione delle pensioni

Pensions 2024, here is the revaluation percentage for 2024 according to the latest Istat data

At the beginning of January, pensions will be increased based on the average annual inflation rate ascertained by Istat for the year 2023.
Already in the next few weeks the revaluation rate should be made official by Istat, taking into account the period from January to November 2023: after which, based on the December data, a definitive rate will be identified which will be used for the adjustment of the revaluation scheduled only at the beginning of 2025.
At the moment, thanks to the latest data on inflation ascertained in October recently made official by 'National Institute of Statistics, we can get an idea of what will be the revaluation rate that will be used next January to adjust the amount of pensions to the cost of living.
Looking at the trend of inflation, as well as the estimates made by the Meloni government with the update note to the Def, it is in fact possible to identify a range within which the rate should fall.
Inflation, the trend in 2023 2022 was a year in which inflation had exponential growth so much so that a revaluation rate was established for pensions first of 7.3% and then of 8.1% ( with the difference of 0.8% which will be recognized in the adjustment that the Meloni government has brought forward from January 2024 to December 2023).
2023 started in the same way, with an inflation of 10% on an annual basis ascertained in January: thanks to monetary policies, the trend was reversed and the consumer price index began to fall – with the sole exception of April 2023 when there was new growth – until this month it reached below the "control" threshold identified by the ECB, equal to 2%.
In detail, here is how the national consumer price index for the entire community (Nic), including tobacco, has changed since the beginning of the year (the percentage indicates the change on an annual basis): January 2023: +10.0 % February 2023: +9.1 March 2023: +7.6 April 2023: +8.2 May 2023: +7.6 June 2023: +6.4 July 2023: +5.9 August 2023: +5.9 September: +5.3 October: +1.8 At the moment the average gives us a rate of 6.78%, but as anticipated much will depend on the value that will be ascertained in November 2023.
Looking at the trend it is reasonable to expect a growth value by around 1.5%, which would mean that the average revaluation rate would drop to 6.3%.
It must be said that in the update note to the Def a rate of 5.4% is instead estimated, with the Meloni government therefore predicting a greater fall in inflation in both November and December.
A vision that at the moment seems to be rather optimistic: it is more likely that the definitive revaluation rate will be between 6% and 5.5%.
Revaluation, the effect on pensions We remind you that the inflation rate that will be ascertained by Istat will be applied to the amount of the pension received – including that of reversibility, as well as on social allowance and civil disability pensions – so as to adapt it to the cost of living.
However, the increase will be 100% only for pensions whose amount does not exceed 4 times the value of the minimum payment (that of 2023 is taken into consideration).
After that, reduced percentages are applied, as revised by the 2023 budget law first and then by the 2024 budget law: up to 4 times the minimum treatment (up to 2,271.76 euros): 100% of the rate; between 4 and 5 times (2,839.70 euros) the minimum treatment: 90% of the rate; between 5 and 6 times (3,407.64 euros) the minimum treatment: 53% of the rate; between 6 and 8 times (4,543.52 euros) the minimum treatment: 47% of the rate; between 8 and 10 times (5,679.40 euros) the minimum treatment: 37% of the rate; between 10 times the minimum treatment: 22% of the rate.
Therefore, for a pension of 1,000 euros there could be an increase between 60 and 55 euros depending on what the established rate is; with a pension of 2,000 euros, however, the increase would rise to three figures as it should be between 120 and 110 euros per month (figures to be considered gross).
The higher you go, however, the lower the revaluation effect will be.

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