GPS 2024/2026 Substitutes: New Application Date and Latest Updates

Updates on GPS 2024/2026 Applications: New Deadline?

The long-awaited start of the procedures for updating or submitting applications to the provincial rankings for substitute teaching positions for the next two years is still pending.
The ongoing discussions between unions and the Ministry of Education and Merit have led to various versions of the draft ordinance for GPS 2024/2026, causing delays in the process.

Recent talks between unions and the Ministry on May 15th have revealed potential new dates for GPS applications and the latest developments regarding specialized support roles and new enabling pathways.

Is the Starting Date for GPS 2024/2026 Applications May 20th?

According to union statements following the latest meeting with the Ministry on May 15th, the new indicated starting date for submitting or updating GPS applications for 2024-2026 is Monday, May 20th.
Some of the key points discussed include issues related to specialized support roles abroad and enabling pathways, which are behind schedule for the first phase of common placements in secondary education.

The original plan was for GPS procedures to begin in March, ahead of previous bienniums, according to initial ministry announcements.
However, time has passed, and precarious workers are still waiting.
Such is the life of substitute teachers, filled with sudden changes, perpetual waiting, difficulties in making plans, and struggling to pursue their profession serenely.

New Developments in GPS Applications

It is likely that the application functions for GPS insertion/update will open on Monday, May 20th, with a 20-day timeframe.
This means that teachers or aspiring educators can submit their applications for GPS insertion or updates starting on May 20th and until the deadline of June 8th, 2024.

New Insights from the Ministry on GPS 2024/2026

In recent discussions with union representatives, the Ministry shared certain decisions, including the provision for reserving spots for individuals obtaining certification/specialization by June 30th, 2024.
The Ministry seems to be reconsidering the possibility of allowing those enrolling in enabling courses by June to be included in the first placement phase.
Moreover, foreign enablees/specialization candidates awaiting title recognition should be considered “intertwined” rather than placed at the end of the list as requested.

Union responses have highlighted strong opposition to assigning fixed-term contracts to teachers awaiting formal title recognition for qualifications obtained abroad.
The need for investments in the entry training system has been emphasized to safeguard the system’s integrity, along with advocating for lower training costs for workers.

Furthermore, the union has expressed the intention to launch a mobilization process to reinstate clear and transparent rules, protecting the rights of all involved.
Legal recourse may be considered, challenging the ordinance if the identified issues persist.

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